January 1, 2009

Christmas Snow

Doesn't he look content? I can't remember which of the cats this one is, but mosied up from the barn one afternoon and spent a few hours sunning on the porch.

Christmas afternoon I took the girls out to potty and while we were out there, I noticed a flock of grouse in the tree row behind the house. So I went back in and snatched my camera and went to take a few pictures.
They were pretty co-operative, but the trees got in the way so I didn't get the great shots that I was hoping for.

While I was stalking the grouse, I spooked up this guy, and I'm really happy with his photo.

He only went a little ways away, conveniently right to where the grouse were browsing. So I got a few pictures of the jack rabbit watching me, with the grouse watching him and me.

When I went in I told them I'd been taking picture of a flock of grouse in the tree row, and Peggy said they usually do that when its going to storm. Prophetic words.
The next day the wind blew and it snowed. The forcast said 6-8 inches, but who can tell. With the wind blowing like that, everything was drifting. When Boyd and Michelle and the kids left, you could see about a half mile, but visability came and went that day. At times you couldn't see past the gate, at others you could see almost a half mile or so. The girls were miserable and hardly pottied all day. Who can blame them. Ella didn't have any problems. She, as usual, went wherever she pleased, but the big girls wouldn't go out in the storm.
The next day dawned bright and clear and messy. There were drifts in front of the gate, drifts in the yard, drifts everywhere. Malcolm's dad came back from feeding and said there was a large drift of snow, around 6 feet, somewhere down at the barns, though I never went to see it. I should have though. That would have been neat to see.
Here are a few shots of drifting snow.

And later that day the grouse were in the front yard and I got an easy, great picture without leaving the warmth of the house.

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Tuffy's Blog said...

Love the photos. You really have a gift with the photography. Hope Malcolm is better. Happy New Year!