September 10, 2008


Thats a crude title, but I'm not refering to the bodily function, only to my state of mind and level of energy. We havn't worked this hard since....well since the "fall run" last year. "Fall run" is the phrase used to refer to the time of year when there is a mass movement of cattle from ranches to feedlots and from feedlots to the kill plants.
Let me put it this way...we've run 5088 miles in exactly 4 days. We started Friday night, and ran through till Sunday morning when we stopped at Malcolm's parents house for a shower and quick meal. We actually took a nap in Baker, while we waited to meet another driver. That was about a 30 minute nap. Thats the last time I slept with the truck sitting still. We're averaging over 1000 miles a day, eating about one and a half meals a day, snatching sleep when we can...its WILD! And fun...I make it sound miserable, but hauling cows is lots of fun.
For starers we're running in "convoys." You load along with several other trucks, and usually you travel to your destination together. So we just finished loading and are pulling out for Fort Morgan, CO, where we were last night at midnight. We returned up here to MT, and now we're going back down with another load of steers. This time we loaded with some of the guys we worked with last fall, so we'll have a good time catching up.
Speaking of catching up....I"m going to go do that now...on some Zzzzz's.

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Meagan said...

Don't work too hard!!!!