September 11, 2008

A Few From the Road

Heading to Baker tonight to load in the morning. We just ran a short load from Three Forks, Mt to Billings. It was too heavy for us to take, cause we have a two axle trailer, and it needed a three axle. So we dropped the cows off at the sale barn in Billings and another truck with a larger trailer loaded them to continue on to Iowa I beleive.

Anyway, I have a few pictures to share, but I havn't downloaded yet.
In the mean time I have these few that I took before we went home. I didn't get to share them with you because of my little spy ware issue.
We drove from Clarkston, WA through northern Idaho along Hwy12, which turned out to be along the Nez Perce Trail into Montana. It was SO beautiful. It has the Columbia River Gorge beat all to pieces!!! It followed through these little mountain passes following the Clear Water River. The river was gorgeous, perfectly clear even at 4-5 feet of depth. I can't even begin to tell you how pretty. It was breath taking.

These two pictures were taken that morning in Clarkston, WA. I decided the geese were enjoying the sunlight playing in the clouds as much as I was.

These two are of a little stream that was pouring into the river at a spot where I stopped to take the girls out, and the river flowing through the mountain pass.

The pictures I'm going to get for you off my camera turned out nicely. Sunday we loaded north of Baker and we were over loaded. Being as such, we had to take the little roads south of Ekalaka and down into Wyoming instead of going into South Dakota. (had to avoid the scale you know?) SO...I enjoyed the ride, though Malcolm and Bill, the guy traveling with us probably didn't like the beating their trucks were getting. And as it turned out, our little roads took us right around the base of Devils Tower in northern Wyoming, something I've been wanting to see.
I'll get my pictures downloaded for you soon.

Goon night!

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