September 30, 2008

Our New House

Well, here you are, on a long distance tour of our new home. We closed yesterday morning, and after a few errands in town, headed out ot our new abode. And after a few hours there, realized that a house with no furniture or anything was kind of boring. There was nothing to do. So we pakced our few things back up and headed back to town for some dinner and then back to work. We are currently in Forsyth, MT fixing to load yet another group of cattle.
The girls thought the house was GREAT! They adviced that we just forgo the furniture. Its ever so much more fun without it because you can run in bigger circles without abstructions. However, they did think it was a bit cold in there, and they don't much care for the wood floors on the main level, especially Carlie who couldn't get good traction at all. One great success story on our first day in our new house.....I've been telling Carlie she'll have to learn to climb stairs now since we have two flights of them. Surprisingly, after only one terrifying trip down the stairs with "mommy," she decided there was nothing to it, and spent the afternoon going up and down right behind Paris.
A few points to mention:
a: The yard needs work, so disregard the bare patches. Keep in mind that its fall out here, a dryer area, and they had two big outside dogs that liked to dig.
b: I tryed to take pictures, but its difficult to get pictures of inside rooms. Therefore, the master bedroom looks itty bitty in the pictures, and I didn't even bother to post the pictures of the two spare rooms or the bathrooms which are nothing to speak of.
c: Carlie and Paris managed to walk or run into nearly every shot, but it just demonstrates what a great time they were having.
d: There are a lot of pictures. If you want to see a larger view of one, just double click on it.

The Tour:

This is the view of our house from the front. The shop is on the left and is about 3000 sq ft and cemented floors. In the rear on the right is the "horse shelter" which amounts to a shed open on one side.

The back of the house, featuring a porch, the hot tub to the right of the porch, and the previous owners garden which she quit on mid-summer. It was "the kids project." There is also a clothes line between the house and shop, and the ground beneath and around it is sort of tiled, which I thought was kind of nice. Its more like terracotta stones, but you get the picture.

A close up of the back of the house. Malcolm and I would like to add a porch like this to the front of the house because its so plain on the front. Paris was exploring the yard.

The kitchen and dining area, with the balcony above, which is going to be my library/ office.

The main level living room area. Its more like a small sitting room.
The stairs leading to the second floor (master bedroom and library).
My library.
The master bedroom.
The downstairs living room. There is a tiled entry to the right. The door seen on the edge of the left is the laundry room. There is also a half bath downstairs.
Looking towards the hallway where the laundy is on the right, the half bath is the closed door visable, there is a wood pellet stove seenn that faces the stairs to go to main level. (PS: in desperate need of new light fixture. Actually we're thinking a nice ceiling fan would work, as there is quite a bit of recessed lighting in this room. There are a number of light fixtures that leave a lot to be desired. A project for later.)
The laundry room. Its huge! I love it! I think I might put a table down here for my sewing machine. The washing machine and dryer are in a closet just around the corner there (and a pile of jeans on the floor because even though we didn't have furniture, I happened to have some detergent in the truck, so we did laundry on our first day in our new house!) My only dissappointment in the laundry is that there isn't a sink. I was hoping for a place to wash the girls without having to do it in the tub.
Malcolm's shop and the new home of Johnson Trucking...and all his other "toys".
When they put the new pellet stove downstairs they put the old one in the shop. Eventually we're going to enclose and insulate the front half of the shop and run water out here too.
The entry doors are side by sides that work with a garage door opener, sliding to the left and right, like our barn in Georgia. Then there is a pass door that goes to a sidewalk that goes to the back door.
The view out the front living room window.
The view from the back porch.
Our house warming gift from our realtor. I thought that was sweet.

So there you have it. Our little place in a nut shell. And I hope you all feel welcome to come visit anytime.


The Allens said...

Your new house is awesome. We can not wait to see it in person!!

Meagan said...

It's absolutely beautiful and so so you!!!! Congratulations!!!