September 21, 2008

My First Tornado

I've been wanting to see a tornado for ages and ages. Some would call me crazy, but I like that sort of stuff. I'm the wierdo who things it would be neat to ride out a hurricane, watch a tornado, and blizzards are cool! So today, after years of wishing, I kind of sort of got my wish.

We were driving west in Nebraska. Malcolm was on the phone and I was admiring the storm clouds north of us. You've seen those clouds that hang low

We just entered the area where it hailed. There is piles of it everywhere and the corn field on our left was just stripped of leaves!!! Seriously, just stalks with the corn cobs standing naked in the field, leaves and twigs from the trees all over the road, and the shoulder of the roadway solid white with hail stones.

How's that for live coverage!

Ok...back to my story....

So you know those little clouds that sometimes hang low out of the main clouds, and you think nothing of them. Well I was looking at one of those. Then I suddenly noticed that there was also a small cloud that looked like it was sitting on the ground right below the little cloud that was jutting down.

And then all of a sudden it moved upward and joined the cloud above and there was a (mind youd very disorganized) tornado right there before my eyes! It looked just like what I've heard and seen on TV, though not quite as twisty, a dark blue finger reaching down out of the clouds to the ground. It was on the ground just a few seconds before it disintigrated and I watched it draw back up into the clouds and disappear. I had run to the back to grab my camera, but by the time I got back up to the front it had already broken up and was withdrawing into the cloud. This is all I got of it.

Afterwards, I kept watching the clouds to see if it would drop down again, but it didn't, or at least not on our end of the storm. But the clouds looked rather ominous when we were right up next to them. Now from a distance, it just looks like a big rainstorm.

And then this happened. Just a little reminder of God's promises.


Meagan said...

WOW! I am jealous! I love storms, esspecially in the daytime when you can see everything!!! Love the pictures - cool experience!

I miss you! Are you coming home for Thanksgiving?

Sharon Tachenko said...

Hey Guys! How cool! I have to say, I'm jealous too! There is absolutely nothing like The Big Sky country! To see such a panorama is truly awe inspiring! Enjoy for the rest of us stuck in classrooms and other places far from such grandeur!

We're glad YOU are then and can appreciate the beauty and share it with us!

We love you!