September 11, 2008

Autumn is Here and Winter's Comin'

Ok, I still don't have the Devil's Tower shots downloaded. But I do have these taken while I was home. There's a little bit of a theme here...and that is that it's beginning to look like fall.

In fact it was mostly in the 60's the entire time we were home last week. On Wednesday, when we went too Rex and Sheryl's to move cows, I got up bright and early to drive to Rachelle's. Climbing into the jeep, I looked up to discover my windshield was completly frosted over. That was September 3rd.

You know the saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" (or vice versa). Well I wonder if it stands true for September too, or for cold weather season in general. Somone said its supposed to be a hard winter, but then again...I think someone says that every year. All I know is we went to Belle Fourche Saturday, which was August 30 and it was 103 degrees on the car temp. reader. And Tuesday morning, September 2, my porch thermometer read 42 degrees.

We'd had a little rain the night before. We went to Billings that day to pick up Malcolm who had delivered a load of stuff north of there and to run errands. When we go there that morning, you could see the mountains in the western horizen, snow capped with winters first dousing. They'll be white till June next summer.

I know its hard for all my southern friends and relatives to beleive, but out here the cold weather is upon us and winter is just around the corner.

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Meagan said...

I am SOOOOO ready for fall weather! Football season is here and it begs for cooler temps and falling leaves! I don't know why, but this year I am SOOOOO looking forward to Thanksgiving!