April 28, 2008

Yet Another Picture of My Girls

What blogging day would be complete without yet another picture of my girls? I didn't think it would be, so I'm posting these two pictures of my babies.
I was out meandering around the fringes of the property while Malcolm was unloading, playing with my camera (I love my new camera!).
Now, when we're out of the truck, the girls are usually in their kennel. Its safer for them, and for us. And the reason its safer for everyone is because Carlie likes to eat things that arn't hers when we're not around, Paris has recently developed a chronic desire to nose through the garbage bag (but only when we dissapear from sight), and Carlie, because she can't jump on the seats to see out the window, stands on her back legs to peek over the window sill and as a result, accidently locks and unlocks the doors as her little feet press against the lock button.
The point of all that was to tell you that they are usually locked up when we're out of the truck, but sometimes, like this morning, when Malcolm is just right there, or we're not going far and there's no one else around and its only going to be a second or two, we leave them out. And when we come back, the welcome committee meets us at the door, making it a little difficult to re-enter the truck as your stumbling over squirming little naked bodies, but also warms your heart to be so lovingly recieved. Nothing can make you feel loved like a dog. Nothing...

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