April 8, 2008

It's a Girl!

My best friend in the world, Angela, called me this morning. Its a girl!!! I'm so excited. She called several weeks ago to tell me that she was pregnant (the stinker kept it a secret from me for a while.....I'll get even for that), and now we know what we're getting.
Angela moved to a Kentucky, just south of Cincinatti, back in October. So we're both experiencing living away from where we grew up and all our family and friends. Kind of like the buddy system, you know?
K, so anyway, its a girl, and I get to be an aunt again, and I'm so excited. So I had to share. Isn't she cute! And she's already a little lady. Angela said she had her legs crossed all proper like when they were trying to see what she was. She's due to make her grand entrance around September 4th. Now I have to go....I have baby shopping to do!
Isn't she sweetness all over the place???!!

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Meag said...

Yay for baby girls! Tell her I said Congrats!