April 6, 2008

Why Blog

Here's why...Meagan told me to. Her blog is really cool and if I can figure out how to make a link on here, I'll send you her way so you can check it out. I on the other hand am clueless on how to get this thing going, so mine is a diamond in the rough right now. Well, it might never turn out to be a diamond, but we'll see.
I'm sitting in a truck stop parking lot in northern California. Well, I'm not actually sitting in the parking lot. That would look silly. I'm sitting in the truck which is sitting in the parking lot. Paris and Carlie are wrestling around in the floor under my feet, and Malcolm is outside trying to rewire some wiring issues on our trailer. (from the sounds of it, its not going well at the moment)
Its 60 degrees, the breeze is wrippling in the tall green grass, there are white puffy clouds in the sky, and I'd kill for an ice cream sandwich right now! I might have to hike into the truck stop and get a couple and make Malcolm take a break with me.
How's that for random!
Meagan said I should blog because its fun, and I was telling her that I worry that my emails and pictures just annoy people. I like to email my pictures from my travels and stuff, and then I ramble on and on telling stories. Well, Meagan made the point that if I put it all on a blog, people can read it if they want to, or ignore it, but I still get the satisfaction of publishing it. SO....thanks Meagan. Now if I can only get a working camera again. Mine gave out a couple months ago.
So for now no pictures, but I can still share stories.
So thats why I'm starting this blog.


Meag said...

I am so excited that you are blogging with me! Yay!

Rhonda said...

I think it will be great, just like you. I love your jokes and pictures. LUV-YA!!!! RHONDA