April 21, 2008

Today's Progress

So, after we unloaded this morning, Malcolm called our broker. We were supposed to pick up a load in Alma, GA going to Victorville, CA. He informed us that Alma production was broken down and couldn't load us till tomorrow. As compensation, he'd found a load picking up in Augusta, GA that we could take to Lake City, FL and be back in the morning to get our Alma load. So we drive to Augusta, well Malcolm drove and I slept. Got here, checked in, and he comes out to tell me that I have to get out of the truck and wait at the gate while he loads. WHAT! I'm being kicked out, and I'm a driver!!!!!
Wierd company policy. Its a chemical place. We were getting fertilizer. So fortunatly they had shade trees and a dilapidated picnic table where I sat and read a book Mom had loaned me. Malcolm got the pleasure of going in and getting (get this) safety training. He said he had to watch a video and take a test before they let him in. Then they made him this really fancy security badge with his picture on it and everything thats good for two years. THEN they told him they didn't have any product and wern't loading till in the morning. HELLO! That could have come first.
SO....we're sitting her in Augusta, and the generator is barely keeping the truck livably cool. Its not hot, but keep in mind we live in a fiberglass box that just happens to be painted BLACK. We went to a sandwich shop down here that was really cute and classy. It was the order at the window and eat on the porch type, reminded me of something in Murfreesboro, and run by these sweet southern women....down here just blocks from the projects and a chemical plant. I guess....
And now Malcolm is going to take a nap, and I'm going to go learn how to put my camera together and take some shots. We're going to run the Florida load, then come back to Alma and take that one too. Too bad we have to waist this time, but at least there is sweet tea near by. They had some at the sandwich shop.

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