April 22, 2008

Meal Time at Our "House"

One of our favorite times on the road is meal time. For starters, we get to get out of the truck. Another reason its exciting is because it breaks up the monotony we experience sometimes, and we sometimes, though not often, get to try new things. For instance, we just stopped at a BBQ resteraunt in Jasper, FL, and it was really good....or maybe we were just starving. But seriously, this was good.
However the meal time I'm specifically talking about this time is my baby's meal time. They always have a bowl full, but sometimes Mommy looks down and its empty, and has been for a little while. And Mommy refills it and thats when we get pictures like these.

(Ok, I know at this point your thinking, "Oh Please....she gets a new camera and the first pictures we're going to be treated to are pictures of her dogs eating"...but bare with me. Its cute and funny.)

First of all...this is what my dogs eat.
Now they really love this food. It gives Carlie aweful gas, but we've decided to put up with it because my little Paris has gained a lot of weight with it. Ahh...the sacrifices we make for our kids.

Now, the fun. First we start with a full bowl of food. Notice the little black "life bits." These are an essential part of our meal.

Paris eats first. She's the oldest so she gets seniority. Malcolm and I have not inforced this rule. Its something Paris and Carlie worked out between the two of them.

This is the baby patienly waiting her turn while taking a sun bath.

This is Paris when she is finished eating. Notice the glazed eyes, smacking lips, and look of sheer euphoria.

Also notice there are no "life bits" left in the bowl. Also notice the pieces of food all over the floor, minus the "life bits." This is because Paris has been buried up to her eye balls in the food bowl picking out ALL the "life bits."

Here is a closer look at the "no life bits" food. See....no "life bits" are left in the bowl when Paris is finished.

Now, finally, my baby gets to eat. She's a growing girl (God please make her stop growing!!!!)

Now Carlie is done. We can always tell when Carlie was the last one to eat. Thats because she cleans up Paris's mess on the floor and eats everything else in sight too. (Again, please God make her stop growing.....I can't afford to keep feeding her like this!)

Now see....arn't you glad I posted pictures of my babies eating? I mean, this is so much more inspiring than say the massive anchient pecan groves or the old delapidated farm houses in the middle of plowed cotton fields or the giant oaks draped in spanish moss that we've passed today. Don't you think?


Meag said...

Seriously.... cracked me up! lol

Sharon Tachenko said...

Yup! But I'm still looking forward to the "massive anchient pecan groves & old delapidated farm houses in the middle of plowed cotton fields with the giant oaks draped in spanish moss!"