August 2, 2010

Our Silly Chinese Crested Girls

In our little Chinese Crested world there is always something going on. 

Though they are good girls, sometime they do naughty things. I know, I know! Hard to believe of these sweet angels.

Which do you think looks the most mischievous?

For the first couple years, when it was just Paris and Carlie Jean, nothing extremly naughty happened.

Ella arrived and everything continued as normal until she was about 6 months old.

At that point we started discovering that someone was having a grand old party when we got out of the truck. Up until this point, we had left the garbage bag, drinks, whatever, out and within reach and nothing was disturbed. But suddenly someone was finding the garbage extremely tempting. A roll of special electrical tape that got left in the cup holder got chewed up. A mostly empty bottle of chocolate milk got borrowed, carried to the bed, opened, and spilled everywhere. But the favorite of all was always plucking kleenex out of the box and shredding them into millions of pieces on the floor.

Now automatically one assumes...the puppy's doing it since she's young and none of the problems started till she arrived. But there was suspicious evidence to make us wonder.  For a while it was a toss up as to who it was...Carlie Jean or Ella. We caught both of them at seperate times looking guilty (ie: bits of kleenex hanging out of Ella's mouth, Carlie laying in bed licking the chocolate milk bottle cap with delight, hearing the garbage bag rattle and looking down to see one or the other of them with their head buried in it taking a whiff) Paris was never in the suspects list. She has maintained a reputation of innocence by staying far from the crime scenes. She's usually sleeping under the covers, her main past time.

So we started to put everything away every time we got out of the truck, even if for only a few minutes. An inconvenience, but a necessary one.

Last Friday the kleenex box fell from its perch on the higher shelf, where I had placed it earlier, and landed in the floor, where I left it not worrying since we were in the truck and no one has disturbed it for weeks. Malcolm stopped to fuel, and while he was out of the truck, I was working on the computer. I heard one of the girls playing in the back, wrestling with a toy. She was making so much racket banging around, I finally had to see what toy had drawn such energized attention...

...of rather guilty panic!!!!!
CAUGHT!  With her hand in the cookie jar...so to
speak. (or head in the box if you prefer)

I decided a few more moments of her panicked frenzy was her due punishment...just enough time for me to get my camera out and take a picture. Little devil! We have suspected for some time now that Carlie Jean was the instigator and that if Ella participated it was only after seeing Carlie get the job started. Now we have proof.

Thought she would have learned a lesson after that little experience, but today we left an empty garbage bag laying out while we ran in to a store. Came back and someone had withdrawn a forgotten used kleenex, the only contents of the bag, and shredded it into a million little peices on the floor.

 "Vengence is sweet", she said. "That's for laughing at me when I got my head stuck."

We are suckers when it comes to our girls. We feel frustration, but at the same time we just shake our heads and can't help but grin sheepishly because we more often than not laugh about it instead of any other reaction.

Silly Girls!

Here's a little treasure I have to share. I found it at a truck stop in Colorado on Friday. It is so hard to find anything with Chinese Cresteds on it, especially items with cute Chinese Cresteds. Seems like they always choose the ugly ones for their models. Maybe I should offer my girls services as models. Mine are so much prettier than the majority of the ones you see in pictures, and maybe they'd make enough money in their new profession that we could all retire from the road!
But I digress...
I found this, and though it serves absolutly no useful purpose, I still indulged. It was only $2 so I didn't feel too guilty. Don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but I like it. It makes us smile. I took a picture and made it my wallpaper on the computer.

Paris gets that same bug-eyed look when she's about to get to meet and greet someone. Its the Crazed Crestie look.


small farm girl said...

What a cute post! I have to laugh to when my weenie dog gets caught doing something. But, I don't laugh in front of her. That's just a green light to do it again. lol

Carol............. said...

That was pretty funny!

What adorable looking dogs.

Meagan said...

Cracking. Up. I love that she got her head stuck and you got it on film! When I saw the pic on facebook I thought, "caught with her hand in the cookie jar!" Cute!

Dreaming said...

Thanks for the morning laugh! I loved your picture - what fun! (er, for you, maybe not for Carlie Jean!

gtyyup said...

LOL...those girls look way too innocent!! But getting her head stuck in the box is a riot!