August 21, 2010

Its Getting Hot in Here

There was a song that came out several years ago and the lyrics went something like this...
"Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes..." and I don't know the rest cause I don't really follow that type of music.
Still, those are the lyrics that have been running through my mind since yesterday afternoon.
We were en route to Green River,WY (doesn't that sound like a cool refreshing place?) and I was driving up through the Virgin River Canyon in Arizona. We were less than 15 miles from the Utah state line when the check engine light came on...again!
So I pulled off the road and we did a re-gen for the emissions thing a ma gig that we've been having issues with the last few months. Well...what haven't we been having issues with really, but anyway we thought we'd try that first.
About an hour later the re-gen finished and we went to pull back on the road and the truck just shut off. Dead, no engine, and more importantly to me at the time...no AC!!!!

Yes you are reading that right! It was 115 degrees and there we sat on the side of the road for THREE HOURS while Malcolm and I tried all the little tricks he could think of to no avail.                    

Now do you understand why I had those song lyrics in my head?
"Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes..." At that temperature it was almost tempting! My jeans and boots were a little much.
You know its HOT when a Chinese Crested pants. They are not prone to panting, so its kind of a rare thing.

It was hot! They were all three panting with their tongues hanging to the floor. An exaggeration really, but it was about that bad. And lucky them...they didn't have to wear any clothes! I'm sure they were cooler than me but they still were obviously overly warm.

It was hard to appreciate the scenery outside the window. I was wishing we were about 140 miles back south in the California desert. It was only 88 degrees there, and we would have been taken to a shop in Las Vegas, which could have been entertaining.

Instead we're at a hotel in Saint George, UT. The guys at the shop came in this morning, after we agreed to pay overtime charges, to look at it. They said that if it was a quick fix, they'd have us on the road today, but if not they wouldn't work on it till Monday to save us the overtime.

They picked Malcolm up this morning at the hotel and went to the shop to plug the truck into the computer to see what the problem is.

As it turns out...the truck is loosing its mind. Yeah...I could have told them that, though I would have been being sarcastic. We've had electrical and "brain" issues all along and no one could say what was wrong. Well now they can...the brain died!

So here we sit in Saint George, UT till at least WEDNESDAY! They have to order a computer for the truck, and it will arrive on Tuesday, and then they have to install it and so on. Hopefully we'll be on the road by Wednesday evening.

This after an incredibly exhausting but incredibly profitable week...or at least it was going to be. We were on our way to pick up in Wyoming and then go to North Carolina. By the time we delivered there on Monday afternoon we would have racked up over 6000 miles for the week, an amazing total when you consider we shoot for an average of 4000 a week.

We still got around 4300 miles but I think that last 300 were empty that were going to get the Wyoming load. Now they are just an added fuel expense that we have to eat.

If there is any silver lining to this (and you know me...I always find at least one) its this...
1. we got rest and that was nice b/c we were pooped after this week.
2. the truck computer, Thank the GOOD LORD!, is considered an engine component and so is still covered by the warranty, as well as our tow bill which was $300 for 20 miles! Can I say Thank You Lord! again!
3. Hopefully now after this mess, the truck will preform like its supposed to and we won't have any more "issues" that have been so incredibly angering to us!
4. Paris was for the first time in her life, wonderfully and completely warm!
I think she was the only one who truly enjoyed sitting in the desert in the heat. My little sun and fire worshiper asked if we could move there. The other four of us answered with a resounding NO!


Sharon Tachenko said...

Wow! What a story. . . reads like a novel - unless YOU are living it, huh?! Your lives are SO adventurous! Glad this is going to be behind you - and carefree better days to come! Hopefully - there's something of interest to do there in the "blissful" break you have!
So many things to be thankful for - in spite of the bugger of it all!

Meagan said...

LOL!!!!! I LOVED this post, but I HATE that you got stuck and had issues again! At least maybe this time the problem's solved. That first picture of Paris might be the best ever! LOL! TOO. FUNNY!

small farm girl said...

How awful! I hate the heat. So I'm not moving there with Paris. lol. You guys seem to be having a lot of trouble on the road lately. Do I see a change of careers in your future?

Anonymous said...

Wow now that doesn't sound like a fun way to spend the day. There isn't much worse than being stuck with a vehical that doesn't work. Hope this week goes much better for you.