August 29, 2010

Sunday Stills: Statues and Figurines...and an Update on the truck

This weeks challenge was "statues and figurines." 

After our engine issues of this week, I didn't get much time to work on this weeks challenge. So I'm using a couple of oldies but goodies again, and I am promising you and myself that I'll do a better job this week. Promise!

Here's what I got...
The hood ornament on our truck

The same hood ornament after driving through freezing fog in North Dakota last winter

and this is a statue of a bronc rider at the Metra in Billings, MT after it was hit by a tornado on June 20th. Everything around it was destroyed, trees splintered, the roof torn off the arena, but the statue stood proud and tall, undisturbed and untouched by all appearances. Funny how tornadoes are so random like that.

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Ok, now for a little update. We finally got out of the shop on Wednesday afternoon. After they replaced the ECM (that the computer), the lift pump (which is related to the fuel pumping), and the turbo. Our bill was $250. It cost Cummins $6000. I was happy with our half of the bill.

We loaded in Wyoming and went to Waco, TX, and sadly, as we crossed Elk Mountain in Wyoming, it came to our attention that the truck was NOT fixed! Yes that's right. After all that, we're still not right. And then yesterday, as we left Mount Pleasant, TX on our way to CA, we thought we were done for again. The stop engine light and buzzer were going off and it was SO deflating! Malcolm spent some time on the phone with our guys in Billings and after discussing some options they think they narrowed it down now to another part that needs replaced. We got the alarms to go off, and so we're still rollin and almost to California now. But Monday we have to talk to the broker and see if he can get us to Billings. Otherwise, we'll be putting her in the shop at Salt Lake City after we deliver in Ogden on Tuesday morning.
Its enough to make one want to throw in the towel, but I'm holding out till after this next repair to see if its really time to go screaming and pulling my hair out yet!

I'll be back with the results, and hopefully more interesting and upbeat travel experiences to share! Till then, hope you have a  happy Monday!


Judy said...

Your hood ornament worked well for this one! I have always liked that statue in front of the Metra.Do you know if the tornado missed it earlier this summer? I never heard or thought of it I guess!

Anonymous said...

Love the frosty hood ornament. Great shot. :)

small farm girl said...

Goodness! You guys have GOT to get some good luck comming your way soon.

WildBlack said...

Awesome :) I love the second shot..covered in frost :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

The frosty hood ornament is awesome! I hope you get all your Truck issues resolved soon..115 degrees..what a place to be stuck:(