June 5, 2009


Blessed rain...its been falling all afternoon. We're less than an hour from home and its still raining, the slow drizzly kind that does so much good for everything. I checked the weather channel website, something I don't entirely trust but it give us an idea of what to look for, and we're supposed to get a little rain at home everyday through Wednesday. It will make it not as nice to be home this weekend, in that I can't be outside, but I'm so thankful for it anyway. Its so dry at home. We've not had rain in three weeks or more.
Malcolm's uncle followed us home. He's on his way to Los Angelas, but doesn't have to be there till Wednesday. So he and Malcolm are going to work on his trailer brakes tomorrow and then he'll leave Sunday.
Malcolm's decided not to leave till Monday afternoon because some tires he ordered will be in Monday morning. We're having "super singles" put on the trailer. I'll explain that later next week.
I don't intend to take the computer in the house with me this time. Its only two and a half days, and I want to do...nothing....the whole time. After a few errands tomorrow morning. I intend to enjoy my library, watch the girls play, do a little laundry, and cook a good meal or two. That's it. So you won't hear from me till Monday evening or Tuesday. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that.
Back to the weather, it still amazes me, even though its my third summer in Montana, that the weather is so changable. After a couple weeks of hot dry weather, today its been down right cold. The temps in Fargo this morning were in the low 40's and even now its only 49. Add a little wind to that, and...well a sleevless shirt and flip flops don't really cut it! Its going to be chilly and damp all weekend, and...get this....Sunday night their calling for a low of 35 and a chance of snow showers. Hello! Its June! Montana never fails to amaze me! It definatly keeps you on your toes!
Happy weekend and I'll be looking forward to hearing about all that you've been up to when I return.

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Meagan said...

Glad you are getting another break at home... evern though it's raining. I love being home when it rains though, there is something relaxing about it and it gives you a good guilt-free excuse to stay in and do nothing! Enjoy it! :-)