June 1, 2009

Friends and Neighbors

Well, that was the busiest weekend I've had in a LONG time! From Friday at noon when we finished getting loaded with apples...

loading the truck in front of us, while we wait

to this morning when we finally delivered them in Ludington, MI, we covered a lot of territory.

In 65 hours we drove 2,366 miles, did 8 loads of laundry, mowed the yard which is about 1 1/2 acres, had a leisurely breakfast with friends, got and sorted the mail, washed three dogs, gave one of them a hair cut, got my hair colored, shipped something at the UPS Store, put some pieces on the trailer tarp, did dinner, cleaned up, watered plants...whew! I even found 10 minutes to browse at Barnes and Noble and enjoy a Mocha Frapp. and Malcolm got to watch a little TV.

We've never had close neighbors, but after my "incident" with the Jeep in April (if you recall it...if not...don't worry about it. Let's just forget I mentioned it) we knew we had neighbors that would help. Neighbors can be a curse, I'm sure, but I think ours are a blessing. When we got home we had a message on our answering machine inviting us to a cook out with the neighbors (one we missed of course, but the thought was nice), and there was a note on the kitchen table from Pat and Dave who live next door. They had managed to get the key to work in our door, and had come in and watered my plants for me. Its nice to know people care enough to look out for things when we're gone. We offered our pasture to Dave for the summer, so when we got home we were greeted with the beautiful sight of two horses standing at my horse shed waiting to say good morning. I had a nice visit with them before starting my day.

Friends....all that we got done this weekend probably wouldn't have been possible without friends. In fact, I know it wouldn't have happened. We got home at 4:45 and within minutes Brandon was calling to see if we were there. He was pulling in our driveway by 5:00. Stuck at home because his truck broke down, he's been bored and couldn't sleep so he came over to see the new trailer, and visit Malcolm. I think they've missed each other. Of our cell phone minutes used, I think probably 80% of them are calls from and to Brandon. He and Malcolm have been attached at the hip ever since they ran a couple loads of cows to New Mexico together in the fall of '07.

After breakfast at Pryor Creek Bar with Brandon and his wife Jessica, we went back home and Brandon went home and got his tractor. He had called the day before to tell Malcolm he was going to our house to mow our yard. Malcolm talked him into at least waiting till we got home so they could do it together. So they hooked up and got to work.

The yard wasn't as bad as I thought. The weeds were tall, but our grass is dying. Its already getting really dry. Guess its not going to be like last summer. Too bad!

Anyway, while they were mowing, I did some more laundry, then picked Jessica up and we went to get my hair done. She went to keep me company and as it turned out, saved the day. I'd forgotten my wallet, and she paid for everything till we got home where I could pay her back.

And then at home, Jessica had brought her supplies with her and fixed us dinner. It was the best meal we'd had all month.

While Jessica was cooking, I tried to help here and there, washed the girls, packed some clothes, finished laundry, and so on. I also discovered that the birds have finally found my window feeder that Malcolm made me a few years ago for Christmas.

He hung it in December, but no one had been seen eating at it till I caught this little guy peering in at me and Jessica on Saturday evening.

Also, my lilac bush is blooming....though it looks rather pathetic compared to the neighbors.

I suppose if we were home and watering, we'd have a much nicer lawn. We just keep saying "one day" to so many things. "One day" we're going to do a lot. Pat and Dave urged us to put out seeper hoses and sprinklers so they could water our lawn for us and the trees and few shrubs that are left, but we declined for now. Possibly things will die, but we want to add a deck to the front of the house, and do some dirt work in the back, so more than likely those things will be moved or dozed over anyway. But again, how nice of our neighbors to be so willing to do so much.
Between family, our friends and our neighbors...we feel so blessed!


Tiffany said...

Ah, so jealous of the lilac!!! I love them, but they just dont like Georgia! Take a couple of good sniffs for me!

Sari said...

It makes me weak hearing about all you accomplished in your brief stay home! You were busy beavers! I'm glad you have sweet neighbors - sounds like you are blessed indeed! But then, who wouldn't delight in you guys! We miss you in this neck of the woods! We miss our little get-togethers! Fond memories! We're looking forward to your run-through here soon!!
We Love You Both!

Meagan said...

So glad for good friends, good neighbors, and some time at home!! :-)