June 25, 2009

All Grown Up

Well, my baby girl is all grown up. All you girls can sympathise with her. A few days ago she started her first heat, and as you can see in this picture, she's got the "PMS" look down to an art. Actually, this is more about having to wear panties than anything else. She wasn't too thrilled, and the last couple days she's been spending more time in Malcolm's lap and less in mine. I think I'm being punished for making her wear them.

Normally I wouldn't broadcast this as blog worthy news. I'm sure you really didn't want to hear about it. But she just looks so pitiful in the picture, I had to post it. Currently she's in the back having a snarling snappy argument with Carlie Jean. They've all three been a little, shall we say....snippy, lately, even though the older two are spayed. Its been several weeks of growling, snarling, and space defending. Rachelle said that's normal. When one goes in heat, they all act like it. Oh good! Because if there's anything better than one dog in a snit....its three!

Speaking of Rachelle:

Check out this link to Darling Poodles puppy page! Rachelle has three new litters of puppies and they are all just so darn cute! "Gucci" and "Prada" have a cute story. Rachelle went to Rapid City with her mom and sister. Stella was due soon, so she took her on the trip to keep an eye on her, and she ended up having the two puppies while they were at the mall. That's why Rachelle named them Gucci and Prada. Too cute!


Meagan said...

LOL! She might not like wearing panties, but at least they're cute!

Jennifer said...

Oh, she looks so cute in her panties!