June 19, 2009

My Big Day

Yesterday was my day, my birthday that is. I was born on June 18.....32 years ago! How is that I am now 32. I seem to still picture myself somewhere closer to.... 22. Time does get away from us doesn't it?

I was much more photogenic at that age. Something happened around, oh, age 5 and ever since then I've looked awful in every picture taken of me, just about. So I'm not posting a picture of the 32 year old me.

My birthday started at 3:30am when I drug myself out of bed after a nearly sleepless night. We had to run all night, and since we hadn't driven through the night since the end of May, I wasn't used to a moving truck. Add torrential rain, and seeing an awful tractor trailer wreck (really awful) just before bed...I didn't sleep well at all. We finally stopped at Wendover, NV for 2 hours, and that was my sleep. I got up at 3:30 to drive.

Despite the early hour, I had a good morning. It was only an hour before sunrise, and it's peaceful out there Nevada. You kind of have the road all to yourself.

I had lots of calls from family and friends to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was great to hear from everyone!

While Malcolm unloaded our trailer in Petaluma, CA, I gave Ella a new hair due. I've been looking at pictures of Chinese Cresteds, and a lot of them have their ears shaved. I knew this already, but I like the ear fringe. However, Ella's ears droop, and I had come to the conclusion that probably if she didn't have ear hair weighting them down, they'd stand better. I've been putting if off, because I shaved Carlie's ears a few months ago for the same reason, and she looked awful! She's just now starting to look cute again. But Ella has more hair, so I hoped she'd look better even if I didn't like the ears. As it turns out....I like her naked ears better than her furry ones.



They still aren't quite where they should be, but they are standing better than they were. Maybe with time, they'll straighten even more. We'll see.

After unloading, we drove back towards Sacramento, stopping in Dixon where we squeezed into a parking spot that wasn't really a parking spot, and walked to Cattleman's for a birthday dinner. It was very good food...way too many people. I guess that's the most crowded restaurant we've eaten at in a long time, and it was taxing on our nerves. Probably we wouldn't have been so put out with the crowds and noise, if we hadn't had to listen to the guy at the next table give a 45 minute dissertation to his party about steaks, the perfect steak, and the art of cooking a steak, as well as all the chefs who had come to make sure he liked his steak at various restaurants, and all the managers that he has had "take care of him," etc etc. This guy had a major ego, dominated the entire conversation...not just his but ours.... OK, it finally reached the point where it was humorous so we spent our meal enjoying good food, and snickering behind our napkins and hands at the guy. Ahh...our own personal dinner theatre!

My birthday was just a normal day, but it was very pleasant as well. We're loading this morning at the Port of Sacramento. More fertilizer going to Washington, and we have the whole weekend to get it there. It will be relaxing, only 750 miles and two and a half days to do it. Again...too much time for the miles, but at least we are getting loads and not sitting at the house like we were in April. Brandon talked to someone who works for Steve still, and they are now down to $1.12 a mile. He was paying $1.25 when we left the end of April and that was too low then and before fuel started going back up. I'm glad we got out when we did.

The truck turned over 500,000 miles this morning. I was going to take a picture of the odometer, but I forgot and didn't notice till we were at 500,016. That's a lot of miles in a little less than three years!


twilightgecko said...

she is adorable.. !!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I know I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday!!