June 19, 2009

My Dad, My Hero

My Dad is one of my hero's. I couldn't have had a better one, and I never wanted anyone else's dad. I don't ever recall thinking, "wish my dad would do that/be like that." Probably because I knew he already had, and had done it or been it better.

There's always been a bond between my Dad and me, always will be. I have the type of Dad that worked long hours, till late at night, and then came home and played with his kids, even if he was bone tired. He still does that, even though we're grown. He's sacrificed for us, built things for us, played games with us, taken us places, set aside time for us to be together as a family, and gave us each opportunities to do things that many people never get to experience.

He built our home with his own two hands, built me a three story dollhouse from the ground up when I was little, indulged me in my obsession with horses, and sent me to Europe with a group from school when I was 12. He bought me my first car and taught me to drive, having the patience of a saint as I tryed to figure out how to shift gears.

When I was older, he gave good council, but let me make decisions, and didn't criticize when they were bad ones. He just stood to the side, making sure he was close to catch me if I needed him to. He taught by example, maybe not intentionally, but I learned a lot about serving others and responsibility just from watching him.

I ran across something in a book of mine that says it all. When I read it, I thought immediately of Dad.

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."

He's still doing just that.

My "Playlist" has been changed for Father's Day. These are my favorite "Dad" songs. The first one, Small Town Southern Man by Allen Jackson, could have been written about my dad, especially the chorus. It's one of my favorites.


Meagan said...

Okay, so you made me cry and painted the PERCECT picture of the GREAT MAN that is our Daddy!!

Meagan said...

I don't think your playlist change worked...

The Belitz Family said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. This one was my favorite!! How sweet! Hope you are well. What a great gift to your Dad for father's day.