March 30, 2009

Sunny San Francisco

This morning, after unloading flour in Santa Rosa, we headed south towards Salinas. We had the good fortune to be traveling through the San Francisco area on a day when the air was remarkably clear. And YOU had the good fortune of traffic being kind of thick and sluggish, so I was able to snatch up the camera and squeeze in a few nice shots for you.

That's San Francisco in the background. I thought the shot was interesting with the rusty tanker in the forground and the city skyline behind, so I kept it. Ignore the upper right corner where the bridge we were on jumped in the picture. I said traffic was sluggish, not still, so I was still moving and bouncing along. The Golden Gate Bridge across the bay from this park. I didn't realize that it was a park with people. I was very focused on getting a picture of the bridge and keeping the rolling bouncing truck out of it, so when I downloaded this to my computer, I was surprised and pleased that I had accidently taken a picture of a peacful spring morning on the bay, complete with sight seers (see-ers, seers....how the heck do you spell that?) and a park, and a cute little wooden bridge.

Then I got lucky and got this shot of the full span of the bridge. It looks a little hazy so that was dissappointing. But considering I was battling a tall chain length fence between the edge of the road and everything I was trying to photograph, I think I got lucky here. The fence is in the bottom of all my other pictures of the bridge (except the two you see here), so I don't know how I got away with this one. I was trying to keep the fence out, but we kept hitting bumps at just the right moment, jarring me and the camera around. (again, remember we were SLUGGISH, not parked!)

Now, keep in mind, I'm identifying the bridge based on my observation of our position on our GPS map in comparison with landmards on the map. If I have mis-labeled this bridge, and its the Oakland Bay or another, please forgive me. But I feel confident in my belief that its the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ok, then there is this shot. US 101 covers mostly open territory. You see large hills, green pastures, farms, towns, etc, and trees too, but not closed in forests. But then there is this brief section, maybe not even half a mile, where both sides of the road are closed in with these tall whispy leaved trees. I don't know what they are, but they are on both shoulders and down the median, (to this day I can NOT get Malcolm to say "median" instead of "medium." Its cute though!) and I've always loved this little section. What makes it even more applealing is the approach and exit, because as you come into this spot, you go down a little hill and around a curve, and then coming out you drive up a little hill and around a curve, so that it's almost like you've stumbled across a hidden cove. Look at it. Isn't it all bright and summery looking? You should see it at 3:00am when your the only vehicle and its foggy, as it tends to be in that particular area, and dark, and the mist is drifting through the trees. Its rather refreshingly spooky.

We've got one of our stops loaded, but our next appointment isn't until 9:00 tonight. So we're sitting here killing time. I've been working on my blog, downloading a new audio book, and people watching (always a great entertainment no matter where you go!). We have appointments at 9, 10, and midnight, so we'll be lucky to get out of here before sunrise. But that will be ok. If I have to come to California, Salinas is a great place to come. I can't explain to you why I like it here so much better, but I think it has to do with the climate (its usually comfortably warm or cool) and the drive in and out of here is enjoyable as far as scenery and lack of traffic, by California standards. I always drive when we're leaving after loading because Malcolm's tired from being up all night or day getting the truck loaded. And the drive out of here is across a back highway crossing an un-populated hilly range, then north on I-5 to Sacremento and I-80, and then east across the Sierra Nevadas and Donner's Pass to Reno, NV where he gets up and takes over and ZOOMs across Nevada as fast as he's aloud to go (I forgive him cause we're heading home and he wants to be there as bad as me). I have always enjoyed that drive (though I-80 DESPERATLY needs paved, has in fact needed that for the past 3 years and possibly longer. I genuinly have NO idea how Malcolm sleeps through it. I've never successfully slept on that drive when I've had opportunity to try and sitting up front, I've hit bumps and pot holes that caused my behind to literally leave the seat cushion. Its primarily the right lane that is the problem, I think due to snow chains and such, but that's the lane I'm confined to since for the majority of the 80 miles or so of mountains I'm going too slow to be any further left. I do cheat sometimes though when there isn't much traffic, like in the middle of the night. I'll drive in the left lane then.).

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Great pictures! You get to see the neatest things!!