March 24, 2009

Snowy Plains and Sunny Beaches

Yesterday as we traveled between deliveries, we cruised along the Pacific Ocean between Los Angelas and San Diego. It was cool, in the 60's, but we still rolled the windows down, turned the music up, and made sure we got a few shots of California beach living.

Back to colder climates, I hear through Malcolm, who has stayed in touch with his parents through this lovely storm that came and went over the last few days, that they've had one hum dinger of a storm. Actually, its probably the worst in a long long time. I know you'll all think I'm crazy, but I'm mad that I missed it. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who would like to experience a hurricane and to this day still wants to stand and watch a tornado (the little one I saw this summer doesn't count. I want to see the "real" thing.) I guess the snow has tapered off, but they got lots of it, about 14 inches last I heard, with an 8 foot drift in the yard. Its drifted over fences, wind breaks, pretty much everything from the sounds of it. I'm just hoping it melts off slow enough that it soaks in and is useful rather than just washing away. And also that it doesn't swell the creek and risk flooding Rachelle and the Darling Poodles out of their home. Thats happened a few times over the past half century since that house was built. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

A few blog entries ago I promised you pictures of Malcolm's shop. Well, they arn't the best. Its one of those things thats so large its hard to capture in a photograph, or several. First, here is Malcolm's "project." This is his 1987 379 Peterbuilt. It has a rebuilt engine with only a couple hundred thousand miles on it (for non trucking people, thats low mileage).

Its old enough that it doesn't have an air ride sleeper, so he's taking the sleeper off, and putting this one on it.

And then he has another sleeper that someone gave him that's a flat top. We've got to go to Fairview to pick it up, then he's going to use that top on his new sleeper. Throw in a paint job, a little chrome, and few gismos, new interior, seats, etc, etc, etc.....and he'll have one cool Pete that will be envyed by all. And eventually when I retire from driving, that will be his truck.

Here's the rest of the shop. You can kind of get an idea of how large it is based on the evidence that it easily houses TWO semis, a pickup, a jeep, a fork lift (a small one mind you), and multiple other tools.
Back when Linen's and Things was closing, Malcolm went to the store and asked about their shelving. They sold him their stock room shelves (just the shelf, not the frame) for $1 a shelf. He got 80 of them, then bought some lumber, and built these shelves, including drawers in the one set that he dumped all his bolts, nuts, screws, etc in and now he can just pull out the drawer and dig through them all to find the right piece instead of having to dump out cans and buckets. He's used 68 of the 80 shelves so far. He always amazes me in what he's able to "invent" and make. He just comes up with an idea and a little while later its a reality.

Well, we've crossed into Idaho and its snowing, grounds white, roads a little icy, just typical March stuff.....I guess. We'll be home sometime tonight unless we stop and sleep a little. Malcolm's not been sleeping well this trip out and I got up at 6:00 this morning and have been up since then so I'll not be driving I imagine. Anyway, just thought I'd give you a heads up that I'm probably going to dissappear again for a few days, unless by some miracle they have a load waiting for us when we get back. If not, typically we're staying home close to a week, and if thats the case, I'll stay home when Malcolm leaves on the next trip because Laura will be coming a week from Saturday and I wouldn't have time to make a trip and get back in time. So if you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks, don't give up on me. I'll be back with news to share. If the weather's good, I have big plans for my three days with Laura including a quick drive through the northern section of Yellowstone, provided its open. We'll see. But I'll definatly take my camera for whatever we do, and I'll take you on a little mini vacation with us when I get back. Till then stay warm, dry and safe!

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Meagan said...

Cool shop! Loved all the pictures, it was like I was really there! :-)