March 14, 2009

Air Show

We're still in Yuma, AZ here waiting to finish loading at our last pickup. We happen to be about a half mile from the airforce base here, and they are doing an air show! I can't see the actual show because of buildings in the way, but the jets keep flying over really low and making lots of noise, which I love. Carlie Jean isn't too thrilled. Everytime one flies over she jumps up and looks around frantically, but other than that, we're taking it all in and enjoying what we can see of it. Brings back memories of going to the air show in Chattanooga and seeing the Blue Angels when I was a kid. The Blue Angels arn't at this show. They are 60 miles west of here at El Centro, CA at another air show (I looked it up to see if it was them here.) I saw them yesterday practicing over El Centro when we passed through on our way here. If you ever get to go to one of their shows, you must. Its very exciting, even for people like me who arn't into airplanes or military stuff.

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Meagan said...

There is something about an air show that is soo cool! I remember going and then dreamind of being a piolets wife! LOL! :-) I love watching stuff like that!