March 29, 2009

Bagels and Bluebirds and Blizzards

Hey, what do you know? We were only home four days, if you count Wednesday when we arrived. We were there most of the day so I suppose we can count it. Just crossing the Sierra Nevadas at sunset, a great time to drive across them. And fortunatly this time its not snowing. In fact its almost 40 degrees so no snow chains this time!

We're delivering in the morning at a tortilla factory in Santa Rosa north of San Francisco. Then we'll reload in Salinas and head back home.....to the arctic.

Yes you read that right. I'm not there to see it, but according to the weather report we're getting snow at home today and tonight to the amount ot 8-12 inches. But I'm counting my blessings. They're having a blizzard again at the ranch in Baker, expecting another foot and a half on top of their mountains of snow from last Monday's storm. They just got Rachelle dug out yesterday, but I suppose by now she's back under it all again. The joys of remote living, right? (Girl, you know I'd be right there with you if I could. We'd play Scrabble and drink hot chocolate and take turns wading through the depths to feed the horses!)

I had myself all prepared for a nice warm springtime visit home (is it sad that I refer to going home as a "visit"). However, good ole mother nature had other plans. What started Wednesday as a beautiful, if somewhat chilly, day quickly changed over to clouds and around 3:00 in the afternoon, this was the scene from my porch.

Yep, the white stuff. As it was just warm enough, hovering around 32, it kind of fell, stuck, melted, and then the temperature dropped fast and all of a sudden our sidewalk and porch were coated in a thin sheet of ice with about two inches of snow on top by morning. It melted by mid day Thursday, but it stayed cold, windy, and wet, drizzling ice and rain off and on the rest of the week. And now its snowing. I just had to take a break to check the road reports for Brandon. He's in Denver and about to start his way north, but I don't think he'll get far. They've already started shutting the roads down in WY and Montana. I also just checked our weather report for Shepherd, and they've increased our snow amounts to 9-14 inches.

Do you like bagels? Its not uncommon for things to get damaged sometimes in trailers, whether from carelessness in driving, loading, or unloading.

Usually when that happens the people your delivering to refuse to take the cases that are damaged and the driver is left to dispose of it. As it so happened, when we were loading in Yuma last time, the guy next to us had a damaged case of bagels. He was trying to get rid of them, rather than just throw them away, so Malcolm took the case of onion bagels and now we have 72 bagels. Well, we've eaten maybe 6 of them, having had them for breakfast a few times, so not quite that many now. They are very good, very fresh, and Malcolm was very proud of his prize! I can't help but wish that it had been more of an assortment. Don't get me wrong, I like onion bagels. But it might have been nice to have some other varieties as well. However, they were free. So I don't see any room to complain, do you?
They were just in one big bag in the box, so I had to bag them up in groups of 8 in zip lock bags.
And when we were eating dinner before leaving on Saturday I looked out the front window's (we moved the table to sit in front of our big picture window in the front) and there perched happily in one of my few trees, was what I have decided (after consulting my bird book) is a Mountain Bluebird! Isnt' he pretty? I know, you can't really see him well. But there were two of them, and its the first ones I've seen. Maybe they move away for winter and come back. Well...they will soon find out, probably as we speak, that they came back too soon. But still, it was a lovely surprise!
And I'm leaving you with my sunset picture of the Sierra Nevadas in California. I'm rather proud of this shot.

Ok, it looks a lot more impressive when its filling the whole screen. Oh well....just take my word for it. It was a nice shot....pure luck though!

Malcolm's on the phone with his Dad discussing the storm and the need to move some snow so they can get around, or at least thats what I'm gathering from listening in to one side of the conversation. Sounds like we may be going over there when we get back to MT to use Malcolm's bull dozer to clear some things out. So maybe we get to see the "heap big snow" after all! Well actually it sounds like I have my own "heap big snow" at home, but obviously they have twice as much or more, so that will be interesting to say the least.

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