August 18, 2008

Time Flys

You know that saying, "time flys when your having fun?" Well, I've determined, and I think you'll agree, that time just flys...regardless of whether or not your having fun. It goes faster every year.
Nothing much to tell, it was an average week in trucking. We delivered in St Joseph, MO this morning, reloaded this afternoon and are now on our way into a midnight run to western Kansas. We'll deliver and reload there going to Idaho, and then hopefully from there we're heading home for a short break, maybe not even a full week. We stayed home too long last time, so we feel the need to make up for it.
One thing I learned this week is that if you double click on the pictures on blogs, you can see a full screen version. Maybe you all knew that already. I'm catching on slowly. Anyway, I figured thats a nice thing to know for pictures of little things, like the one of the prairie dog I posted a few weeks ago. So now, you all know you can see my pictures in large format and get more detail.
Has anyone else noticed that fuel prices are going down? Wait, its probably in the news and I just didn't know. Well, we've observed that they are going down everywhere, and we are loving it. First we noticed that we only paid 4.34 in California, where we've been paying around $5 a gallon or more. And just now, in eastern Kansas, we paid $4.03. We feel like we stole it!!! Has anyone heard if this is supposed to continue? Is it possible that we'll see fuel prices slip back under $4?
My sister-in-law called yesterday when I was asleep, but she spoke with Malcolm and told him that our mare, Carrie, FINALLY had her foal. She had a filly, and she's a blue roan, like Reb. I can't wait to see her. And you can be assured you'll have pictures of her when I returnn from our break, though I promise not to drown you in horse pictures like I did last time. Beleive me, I restrained myself....you didn't even see a fourth of the pictures I had taken.
Ok, so I figure Malcolm will wind down pretty soon from fueling and hit the sack and it will be my turn to drive, so I'm going to get prepare for that. I lay claim to the pre-midnight portions because I do so much better at them, and Malcolm can drive forever as long as I get him past midnight. It works pretty perfectly. We don't have to do this much anymore, and after the last trip we're in pretty pathetic shape. We had almost 4 days to go 1700 miles, so we only drove like 500 miles a day, and stopped by 5:00 everyday. We were TOTALLY lazy, slept tons, and now we'll have to whip ourselves back into disciplined truck driver mentality.
Hope you all had a great weekend.
I hope to get into lesson two of my photography class before we go home, so I'll let you know when I get those pictures posted.
Till then...

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