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I'd like to share with you some blogs and websites that I enjoy visiting. I've attempted to group them by area of interest. They are in random order, so favorites are not necessarily listed first. But obviously if I posted links on my blog, I think they are worth reading! So, maybe you could say they are all a favorite.

Blogs of Family Members

A Garden of Thoughts - my Mom's blog on gardening, chickens, and life
My Lens on Life - my sister's blog on cooking and family life
A Reader Writes - my aunt's blog on life, thoughts, and observations
Sticky Elephants - my cousin's blog on life, kids, and memories
Adventures in a Mathematical Mess - my cousin's blog on parenting and life
Tuffy's Big Blog - my parent's Yorkie, he shares about life with his lady and man and their dog
Just a Little Bit Downsy - my cousin's blog on her daughter's life with Down Syndrome

On Ranching and Farming

On the way to Critter Farm - small farm life in western Oregon
Ride a Good Horse - training and raising Quarter Horses in British Columbia, Canada
Small Farm Girl - homesteading in Kentucky
Punkin's Patch - tales from the Crazy Sheep Lady in Kentucky
Loves Ranch Life and More - life on a cattle ranch in western North Dakota
Horses are our Lives - training horses in Nebraska
Life at the Rough String - life on a hay farm in Oregon
Its Sunny in South Dakota - life with horses on a South Dakota cattle ranch
Own a Morgan - raising Morgan horses in British Columbia
Fancyin' the Farm Life - the joys of living on a farm in Washington
Cedar View Paint Horses - the delights of raising registered Paint Horses in Wisconsin
5 Acres and a Dream - farm life in the South
Beyond the Sidewalks - the cutest goats you've ever seen - Washington
Sproutin' Wings Farm - farm life in Nebraska
The Joy of Horses - training and showing Morgan horses in Michigan
Vintage West Photo - some of the best western life photo's ever, from a cattle and sheep rancher in Montana
The South Dakota Cowgirl - photography and ranching in South Dakota

On Life and Family
"Go West" Feral Woman - adapting to life in Montana
A Garden of Thoughts - life and gardening in Tennessee
A Reader Writes - life and memoirs in Tennessee
Life on Dreams and Prayers - life in Colorado
Merideth in Wyoming - life and experiences in Wyoming
hannamades - home remodeling, designing, and crafting in Montana
My Lens on Life - life as a new family, cooking, and photography in Tennessee
Stitchin in the Willows - tales of family and life in New York state
The Mellow Pages - tales of a southern life in Tennessee
Sticky Elephants - stories of a family living in Georgia

Thoughts From the Road - photographer and truck driver - creator of "Sunday Stills" photography challenge
Vintage West Photo - great photography blog, a daily posting for western life photos from Montana
Sunny Side Up - photography in north Alabama, you should also check out her other blog...
...Pets and Petals Photography, to see more examples of her work

Pure Prairie Soap - handmade, homemade soaps by a neighbor. They are delightful, effective, and beautiful.

Blogs by Truck Drivers:
One Girl Trucking - she and her husband have his and her trucks, tales from the road and tales from the farm
Thoughts from the Road - Ed trucks regionally in the south east. Comical observations, great photography

to Enlighten:
Just a Little Bit Downsy - raising a daughter with Down Syndrome

Roughing it:
Simple Man, Simple Plan - "frugal Canadian hermit" builds his home from the ground up all by himself

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