Who We Are

A fence is usually defined as a barrier or other structure that confines or separates. That would be a literal and accurate definition.
But I think a good representation of life is to think of it like a fence. As we live our lives, we're building a fence. Each fencepost is a mile stone, an accomplishment, an event in our lives. These are held together by the way we live our every day lives, the little things we do, the choices we make that fill the spaces between the fence posts.

My name is Sarah. My fence started in Tennessee where I was born and raised and lived the first 28 years of my life. I grew up on BBQ, books, summer days spent on the porch swing with a glass of sweet tea, and an obsession with horses and history.  Family and home were a huge part of life and I loved my life and planned to live the entirety of it in the same town. Then I met Malcolm. I went from being a teacher who ended every day with a good book snuggled into her favorite chair, to being a truck driver who ends every day in a different location from the day before. Our fences don't always stay on the track we had planned for them, but I figure God knows what He's doing a lot better than I do.

My Husband Malcolm:

Malcolm always liked big equipment like tractors and trucks. Seems he landed in a good career, huh? He's had a number of unique experiences in a lot of unique locations, but the bulk of his life has been spent working with his family on the ranch.  Family and home were a huge part of life for him and still are. He is an amazing man who can do anything, build anything, fix anything, and make a success of anything he puts his mind to. He's one of those people we all envy for their skill and talent, and I got to marry him! How lucky am I? 

The Girls:

 They let us think they are our dogs, but in truth, its more like we are their humans. They are partial to long naps in the sunshine, neck rubs, and extra cookies. They grace us with their presence because they like all the attention they get. They are Chinese Cresteds, the fanciest truckin' dogs you'll ever see...and they know it!          

The Truck:
It is a 1999 Kenworth W900. We pull a 2007 Wilson hopper. We see more of them than our house.


Home is Redbud Farm, 10 acres of beautiful Tennessee countryside and our beloved 1915 farmhouse. We go here as often as we can get off the road. Hopefully it won't be too long before we'll be home more than we'll be gone. It's a little peace of heaven where we enjoy the company of our family, our horses, and all that "home" is meant to be.