November 16, 2013

Moving Forward

I have decided to get a fresh start in many areas of life, including blogging.

I've started a new blog. For various reasons, at this time it will be private.
I've been setting it up and only gotten one post up so far. It was in the works in my brain for a while, and then I got a random message from one of you a few days ago, that kind of motivated me to get that ball rolling! (Thanks for the reminder that y'all were still waiting on me and hadn't forgotten I exist.)

Private, but I have enjoyed my interactions with all of you through this blog, and I want to have you for friends at the new blog too. I just don't want my life to be an open book to the vast and extensive public right now. But I don't think of my current readers as that vast unknown public. Y'all are blog friends. Even those of you who don't comment and aren't on my followers list, because I hear from you occasionally and you surprise me coming out of the blue like that. Surprise me pleasantly, so please feel included even if you haven't made your self publicly known.

So! If you notice this post, after my long months of absence, and would like an invite to my new blog, please email me at

Or you can send me a Facebook message via this blog's Facebook page. Just look up Between the Fenceposts on Facebook and I believe you can send me a message there. You should recognize the little bird on a wire against an orange backdrop. The same as my "button" on here, so you'll know your in the right place on Facebook.

Through either contact source, I will need your Google email address in order to send you an invite. And if I don't personally know you, I would still like to include my regular readers, but I'd also like to know who you are. So if you don't mind mentioning your name in the email and maybe your general location (for my own curiosity).

And here's my promise: I'm not marketing or selling email lists and I'm not a stalker. I'm going to delete your email as soon as I get it and get the invite sent. So don't worry that I'll use it to start harassing you to buy something or just be weird!
Please return the favor since I just gave out my email address to all of you.

Guess that's that. Sorry to have left you so long. It's complicated and then again not so very much. And I might get around to explaining it all one of these days. We'll see. But if I do, it will be at the new blog, not here. I think I'm done here. It's been a lot of fun here at Between the Fenceposts and I'm kind of going to miss it. But I'm excited about starting new with a clean slate too. And I hope most of you will want to join me there.

Thanks for sharing so many adventures with us here! Y'all have been great friends and readers!