January 20, 2010

Running the Weather Gauntlet

Hit snow coming out of California on Monday afternoon and had to throw on the snow chains to get over Donner's Pass into Nevada.

We drove through freezing fog in Nebraska all day yesterday, and apparently over night while we slept, it rained and froze cause everything was coated in ice this morning. Walking across the parking lot to get a bite to eat was not my idea of getting my morning exercise.

We're headed to Texas tonight, hopefully coming in behind the storms that have producd tornado watches from Dallas, east...which is exactly the route we're taking.

And then tomorrow we reload and we're off to deliver in Central California Monday morning traveling along I-40 through NM and AZ, playing a game of "chicken" with the storms coming out of California over the weekend. It will be interesting to see where we meet them and what we get.

Looks like we get to see it all this week!!! And just when we thought we'd escaped California in time to miss the big show!

Oh well! At least...things should be interesting! Right?

I'm holding this picture in my mind. Days of more peaceful weather. A soft spring rain, cool damp breezes, and clouds clearing away. Surely we will see days like this again before long!


frugalmom said...

Yikes. Well be sure to drive(and walk) safely in all that ice. That picture makes me miss the sight of fresh green grass. I cant wait till Spring!

small farm girl said...

If your going through all kinds of weather, how about a nice sunny day with the temps in the 80's? I mean, if your going to do it all, your gonna do it all. lol.

Sonya said...

Wow, you are certainly covering some mileage. Hope you are safe with the weather situations.

Wishing for my turn.. said...

prayers for your safe travel...stay warm & dry!!

Beck's Country Living said...

be safe will be think of you. have a good weekend :)

Janice said...

Uhh yes Spring.....someday...yes...it's the soon I doubt.Stay safe out there.

Farmchick said...

I'm with ya on the holding out for spring...........I am ready!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...hope you come back soon! :)