January 18, 2010

Chillaxin' in Ripon and Having a Pillow Fight

After delivering our load of wheat in Oakland, CA on Saturday morning, we drove the 70 miles to Ripon to park for the weekend. Mark, our broker, hadn't been able to find anything and told us to park it for the weekend. We figured if we were going to be stuck, we might as well be stuck somewhere where we knew about good food and felt safe. Oakland doesn't exactly provide an ideal environment for trucks. Its very difficult to find extended parking there.

Ripon is one of our favorite places to be sitting, if we have to sit. There is a Love's truck stop and across the street is our favorite Mexican restaurant, Esmirelda's. They have room behind the place for three trucks to park, and we've stopped there enough now that the owner and several of the wait staff, whom I believe are all family, recognize us and greet us with joy. It makes you feel good, plus the food is wonderful!

Also within walking distance of the truck stop are a Sonic (for dessert), and three other fast food joints should we tire of Esmirelda's, which never happens, not to mention a Starbucks. So we are pretty well set in Ripon.

Saturday afternoon we went to sleep for a "nap" and woke up 14 hours later on Sunday morning. After driving 5400 miles last week, we were tuckered out and needed that sleep. Sunday we lounged around, watched three movies, and tried to control the fidgets which set in late that afternoon pretty bad. We were both ready to go do something, anything!

Got a load finally this morning, and we're driving to Winnemucca, NV to load. We're feeling thankful for the load, because freight was down in CA, but to get there we have to drive over Donner's Pass empty, and it just so happens they are getting 3-6 feet of snow up there today. Chains are required and we are nearing the stopping point, oh joy! We're just grateful to get out of CA before all hell breaks loose. Their weather report looks extremely soggy, and not the kind of weather we want to be hanging around in.

For the past weeks I've been waking up with neck and shoulders aching. I've come to the conclusion that I need a new pillow. I think mine's shot. I continue to be perplexed though as to how to go about pillow shopping. Its not like I can buy one and if it doesn't work out then return it. At least I hope you can't do that with a pillow b/c that would be gross!

But how are you supposed to find the pillow that's right for you by standing and looking at them in the store, maybe squeezing them for firmness. How do you know what you need? How do you pick? Help me out here please? Any tips? Cause I'm really tired of having this neck ache!


small farm girl said...

If you ever find out how to buy a pillow, please pass it along. I have been wondering for years. Plus, I need a new one.

frugalmom said...

Oh yeah. Pillow shopping. Always a challenge. Its a bit of trial and error I think. My experiences tell me tho, that its best to spend a little more money and get a nice one from the get go instead if replacing them all the time. Do you like your head to squish into the pillow or do you like more support?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's all the small comforts that make life liveable, isn't it?

It's good you found a welcoming place to hole up for the weekend. Good food and lots of catch-up sleep probably was just what you guys needed.

I'm a pillow 'collector'. The more, the better, IMO. lol! I have a regular pillow on the bottom to act as a firm base and a big down pillow on top. I also have several pillows that I tuck around my back and between my knees. I sleep pretty comfy at night.

My favorites are big fluffy down pillows because you can squish 'em and shape them however you like to feel comfy.

Good luck on your pillow shopping.