December 4, 2009


OK, so part of the purpose of my blog is to share trucking with people.

So I'm waking you all of to share.....don't you appreciate me?

Its 1:00am out here in South Dakota. We're about 65 miles north of Pierre, which means were next to nothing, which I normally LOVE, but right now its really inconvenient!

Its 12 degrees, snowing lightly, and we're parked on the shoulder...well the front of us is. Most of the rest of us is still out in the road.

I had just drifted off to sleep when a strange "pop" woke me, then followed by a ticking sound.

Malcolm tryed to dodge a deer crossing the road. Unfortunately he didn't succeed. Broke the bumper, lost a fog light.

Bad part is that in avoiding the live deer, he accidental ran over a dead one he hadn't seen. That one sliced the side wall of the steer tire. He stopped in the road to check the truck. You know...no traffic at 1:00am, so we just stop in the road. But now we can't pull off the road or we'll destroy the rim too!

So here we sit at 1:00am, in the dark, miles and miles from anything. I was glad to see we had Internet service so I could look up a tire service somewhere. Sure would be nice if one of them would answer their after hours phone number!

This truck is having a bad week. I was driving yesterday morning on our way to Kansas, when the speedometer suddenly quite working, then the cruise, then the odometer. Seventy-five miles later the check engine light came on. Turns out it was just a computer malfunction and Malcolm was able to convince it to reset.

I tell you what though....its really interesting trying to guess how fast your going when your driving through Kansas on a two lane and there aren't any other vehicles to judge your speed by. And it turns out the speedometer is like your watch. You really have no idea how often you check it, till you don't have it anymore!

If you don't hear from me within a day or two, send out search and rescue. At least the engine is working so we don't freeze!

Update: 7:30am

The service truck from Gettysburg, SD just pulled up. Last night a cow hauler rolled by, asked what was wrong, and said that the Potter County Implement might be able to help. Looked them up online and they were 6 miles east of us. Called as soon as they opened up, and an hour later, here they are, bless their hearts! Praying they work fast and are cheap!

Once the sun came up Malcolm went out to take pictures for the insurance company. He also, in his boredom during the night, walked back down the highway and found the deer. There was only one. He now thinks he must have thrown it forward when he hit it, and then run over it again. Poor things head must have hit the grill. You can see the dent.

All in all, we're looking at a cracked bumper, missing fog light, slashed tire, dented grill, and the hoods ever so slightly cockeyed.

Between a rock chip the first week out, the computer malfunction, and now this, I'm hoping and praying that we're not starting a trend for our next three years with this truck!

On the bright side...the sunrise was really pretty this morning and I had plenty of time to enjoy it.


Cindi said...

I hope you get/got out of SD safely stay warm & dry....

theegggather said...

Sarah, hope everything will get 'fixed' soon. Saying a prayer as I always do when there's a trucker in need.


Meagan said...

HATE that you had that happen, but really really thankful that you are both okay and that you are (I assume) back rolling again!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

gah! Oh yah and don't forget the brakes, too. I hope your luck turns around soon. What a bummer. But good for you always finding the positive. That sky was gorgeous!


Cowgirl Rae said...


I understand your frustration, My DH drives for Central Oregon Trucking and shares similar stories with me.... I don't drive but instead keep the home running and the horses fed.

we are thankful for unlimited cellphone minutes, LOL

We are toffee lovers too and I will be making your recipe, I had one last year I thought was Ok but I like the sliced almonds better.

Thanks for sharing and be safe.

Ed said...

I hate it when that happens, the damage did'nt look too bad for hitting a deer, good thing it was'nt an Elk..:-)