December 31, 2009

Traditional New Years Eve

Tonight, while you are all participating in your varied traditional new year's eve celebrations, we will be...somewhere....sleeping.
My family gathers at my brother's house and they do whatever it is they do. They started this tradition after we had moved, so we've not been there for this particular gathering, but it sounds fun.
Lots of people go to parties, or sit up and bring in the new year, but we tend to work through it, since we take time off for Christmas. We always feel pressured to get back to work. If anyone out there thinks being your own employer means less pressure, let me assure you...your wrong! I think we push ourselves a lot more than a "boss" would if we were working for someone else.

Just for kicks I looked back in the log book to see what we were doing/where we were last New Years Eve. It looks like we spent the night in northern Utah, and I got up around 2:00am and drove south on I-15 towards California.

This year, we're continuing in the tradition of being on the road for New Years. Just a little variation. We'll be heading north on I-15 in Nevada. I don't think we'll make the Utah line today. And we'll either be stopping in Baker, CA or closer to Las Vegas. I doubt we'll be sitting up to see in the new year.

We unloaded this morning in Helm, CA and just finished reloading in McFarland, which is just north of Bakersfield, CA. We'll have a leisurely weekend, traveling across the country to Illinois for a Monday delivery. It averages out that we need to drive about 500 miles a day.

Looks like we get to cross the Rockies west of Denver on I-70, something we tend to not do often, but I enjoy the drive and it looks like they're getting a little snow too. Hope it doesn't turn into anything major, as its prone to do in that area.

I'll do my best to get a few pictures of the snowy Rocky Mountains for you. Hope you all enjoy your evening, doing whatever it is you do to bring in the New Year. Stay safe, have fun, and I wish you all many blessings for the year to come!


Beck's Country Living said...

I hope you have a safe new year I know that as long as we are with the ones we love we are at home, so Happy New Year.

small farm girl said...

Hope you have a happy and safe new year.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Happy New Year. I hope your traveling has gone well. Thanks for visiting my sight and thinking of me while I have been sick. 4 days of antibiotic helps a lot, now just fighting a cough! I like reading, too, and a group of us are reading the James Herriott series. Light reading, and funny at times! I'll try the book that you are reading. Take care on the roads, sounds like we are going to have a mess all winter.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting my site and thinking of me while I've been sick. I'm feeling much better after 4 days of an antibiotic, just coughing a lot. We had a quiet night at home. Be careful on the roads. We travel to Ft Collins north of Denver quite often. Not the same as going through the mountains. I did travel to Steamboat Springs, once in June and once in August for my Centered Riding clinics. Mountains were beautiful, just a lot steeper than I'm used to here in the midwest. (I grew up in hilly western PA, but you forget). How long have you been on the roads, and do you get to stay home for very long? Can't wait to see your pics!

gtyyup said...

Your wonderful Christmas with family is way better than being out ringing in the New Year...your time back home looked like a great time!

I really enjoyed all of your ornaments and the history and photos of the family diner...how fun!

Best wishes to you in 2010~~

dibear said...

I sympathize with you. Ed spent Christmas day in a truckstop in New Mexico, and New years eve in Fontana, outside of Los Angeles. Now he's sitting in Caliexio hopeing to get a load somewhere headed East tomorrow. He's due home next weekend, that's if he makes it.
Happy New Years. :)