December 6, 2009

Sunday Stills: Pets

My laundry assistant.

This weeks Sunday Stills challenge was "pets."

Maybe you are all on overload from seeing pictures of my girls, but I never tire of looking at the pictures.
No new ones this week. I just pulled out some of my favorites from the files. It was hard to choose, and I tryed to keep it to a minimum.

Two best buddies.

Ella discovered that from this position, she can better see what's on the dining room table. So, she proceeded to watch us eat dinner from her new seat.

The green eyes monster. She was snarling at Carlie Jean, when I distracted her for a picture.She has since lost several more of those teeth, and only had the two on the left.

The ducky is still her favorite toy. It goes everywhere she goes.

Carlie loves to run, and always has.

Rachelle's baby, Biancca. She came to visit in a snow storm last spring, and thought it was fun to tease Carlie Jean. Carlie wasn't too sure about Biancca playing with her toys.

And here is a picture of my sister-in-law's new pet. This is Horizon, an 8 year old Arabian gelding. He was being given away because his owner was having trouble with him.

Turns out he's a perfect angel, and a very loving boy who loves his cookies. I was there when Rachelle got on him the first time, and though he is a little green, he's very gentle, cooperative, and overall a nice horse.

She's very happy with her new baby.


Anonymous said...

LOL at the precious pet in the dryer. Great Picture! Love all the pictures.

Ed said...

I have to admit you have the cutest dogs ever..:-)

Sarah said...

Ed, I'm flattered! Thank you! I think they are adorable, but of course I'm biased. I appreciate your compliments!

Anonymous said...

that dryer pic is adorable!! Lovely shots!

gtyyup said...

You probably have to check the washer and dryer every time you start them! They're so little you could easily miss them!

The lil' Arab looks to be very sweet...nice to see a good new home was found!

small farm girl said...

I just love when you post pictures of your "babies".

Oh by the way, I am offically blameing you for me gaining a million pounds this holiday season. I just made your Christmas Toffee. You are a mean person for posting a recipe that soooooooo addictive. I now weigh 1000 pounds, and it's all your fault. lol.Oh well, I guess I'll still love ya.

Be safe...


retriever farm said...

Cute pics. One question do the cresteds have their ears cut or do you just tape them to help them stand up?

Holly said...

aaaawwww! What cuties! Love the green eyed monster one, that would be a great Halloween pix!

Good for your sissy for saving that Arab boy, he's cute!

Country Girl said...

Your dogs are a hoot, love em!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your dogs always make me laugh and go awww at the same time. The one of the green eyed monster made me snort out loud. That is just crazy! lol!
And the one of your sweetie on the steps is adorable!

Horizon is handsome. I wonder what problems the other people had with him. Sometimes problems won't show up right away, especially in new environments.
My mare seemed perfect in every way for the first 4 months after I bought her, and then she turned out to be barn sour and spooky in certain environments. Sometimes violently. Which is why I was injured by her twice with a broken knee and severed ligaments which required surgery.
I hope Horizon works out, but I hope she proceeds with caution just the same until they get to know one another better, and he settles in.

Great photos all.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! And I forgot to ask what was wrong with her ears in that photo of the ducky? Did she injure them?


Anonymous said...

Love seeing your babies again, and the Arab is a beauty. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. A couple of you asked about the ears being taped. Chinese Cresteds are not born with naturally standign ears, so when they are puppies we tape them to give them extra support. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to over a year to get them to stand. I gave up too early on Ella and Carlie, so their ears are only partially up.
Rachelle has lots of experience with horses. She has started several from colts. Her horses always turn out to be marvelously behaved and great friends, so I'm sure she'll work wonders on Horizen too. She is very gifted with dogs and horses.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for the answers. It's weird then that the previous owners had such issues with Horizon that they were desperate to just get rid of him. I still wonder what his issues were.

I was surprised at my mare's personality change once she moved in here. It was so much different than the way she was at the Lesson Barn when I took lessons on her for 4 months. But after 6 months or so of working with her at home with a friend. we were making headway. I found out not long ago that the girl who owned my mare before Baby Doll went to the Lesson Barn also had similar problems and had spent money for trainers to work her past them, to no avail.
Sometimes horses will still go back to their previous issues when under stress, or when they are confidant and comfortable in their surroundings, or because they want to do what they want to do.

They sure aren't bicycles or machines. They don't always do what we want them to. lol!
I wish your SIL luck with her new horse and hope he doesn't cause her any problems in the future.

I'm surprised that the CC have their ears taped. I think your dog's ears are cute at half mast and floppy. Is it mandatory for the CC in the AKC shows to all have their ears up and perky to compete?
I wonder if there is a way to actually make an upright ear floppy and lay down instead? Not that I'd ever want to change Dobbie's ears because they are who she is, but even though her one upright ear adds personality, it is rather outrageous. hah!


Brenda said...

The dogs look like they will be cold this winter! Brrr Horizon seems like he is going pretty steady. Maybe he just needs a quieter person than who he had.

Shirley said...

I love that airborne photo! your dogs are chock full of personality. Hope that the horse turns out good, he's a pretty boy.