December 1, 2009


I found it kind of sad this morning, as we crossed the Mississippi River into Tennessee, to realize that in my almost 30 years as a resident of that state, I had only been to Memphis for one brief day, not even staying overnight. The truth is I know very little about that city, other than its on the state border, that Graceland is there, and that its got a bad reputation with the rest of the state.
I think because its so far from the other three great cities of Tennessee, (Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga) that it tends to be forgotten, and it has a reputation, for whatever reason, of being dangerous and dirty. But as we crossed the river, and I watched the city's sky scape in the morning light, I thought it was a shame I hadn't been there more. I bet it really has a lot to offer a tourist. It is after all "the birthplace of the Blues and Rock and Roll," not to mention being a city on the Mississippi River is bound to make it rich in history.
Anyway, brief though it was, it was refreshing to be back in my old home state. We unloaded our corn screenings, reloaded cotton seed meal, and are now in route to Nebraska. Our cow haulin' friend informed Malcolm this morning that its supposed to be really cold there the next few days. Guess our little break from winter's harsh treatment might be coming to a close. The girls will be thrilled.

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Meagan said...

:-( So sad you were so close and I didn't get to see you!! At least you got to see Tennessee!!! Move back? lol ;-)