September 6, 2009

Sunday Stills: Rule of Thirds

This weeks Sunday Stills Challenge was "Rule of Thirds." Its a photography rule, and since Ed explains it so well in an abbreviated version, I hope he won't mind if I quote him so that my blog readers will understand what the "rule of thirds" means.

"As any good photographer can tell you the subject, unless macro should be in the top or bottom third of your viewfinder or the right or left third. so this weeks challenge is to use the rule of thirds." Sunday Stills

You can visit the link above to see more Sunday Stills.

I took these this morning as I sat at the kitchen table. Its the only place in my house where the Internet will work, so I was sitting here a while ago catching up on email, and noticed that it was Grand Central Station at my feeders today.
These were taken through window screens. Sorry for the fuzziness.

We've had a few bluebirds hunting in our front yard all summer. This morning they indulged in a cooling bath. I was surprised to find that I had 6 or 7 of these little guys squabbling to take baths. If they weren't in the bath, they were perched on the porch railing just above it preening.
I wanted to go get Malcolm from the shop so he could enjoy it too, but was afraid if I got up they would leave.

And then we had this little patriotic fellow! I love a guy with a heart for his country!

That wraps up my Sunday Stills for this week. Now I have a few pictures to post from our journey on Thursday and Friday.

I left you in central Washington near Prosser I believe. From there we traveled to the eastern side of the state, to Clarkston, which is right on the Idaho border, by Lewiston. Eastern Washington is very open, with very dramatic hills. Unlike central Washington, full of orchards and vineyards, eastern Washington is the place for dry land farming. Lots of wheat, barely, and such are grown here. This particular farm was nestled down in the valley...and I would gladly call it home.
The valleys are more moist...with the help of irrigation...and there are a number of hay farms.

We've loaded in Clarkston several times. We load at Columbia Grain and we always load cull peas. These are the broken peas that they cull out and we take them to a pet food factory in Illinois. We discovered this little place, down the road, the first time we were here last summer.
We make sure to stop in whenever we pass through. Its a little tiny jewel of a place where we discovered really great Barbeque, REAL sweet tea, and yummy cornbread! The owner is also the cook, wait staff, and bus boy! She's a real character and we enjoy visiting with her. If you happen to be in the Lewiston/Clarkston area, look her up. She's on the north side of the river, almost to the state line.

We traveled a bit before stopping, and enjoyed the full moon reflecting on the Clearwater River along US12, a beautiful beautiful drive! We were rolling along so I couldn't get a clear picture of the moon. But I think the picture provides enough of an image that your imagination can do the rest.

The Columbia River Gorge is a famous drive, and it is amazingly beautiful! But I almost recommend US12 along the Clearwater over the Columbia, simply because it is less populated, through an almost wilderness area, and so much more private and peaceful. Plus I'll always take a 2 lane over the interstate!

Got home Friday evening and rested. So nice to sit on the couch and watch TV, sleep in our bed, and wake up to a cup of coffee on the porch. Saturday Malcolm did some work on his truck, while I puttered around inside. I made a delicious roast for dinner, and baked bread that actually rose this time! I loved this recipe! It was so good, with the sweet taste of honey, and one strange ingredient...cottage cheese!

And my zinnias are still here, blooming their little hearts out. They're being enjoyed by a nice population of honey bees and bumble bees and one large and beautiful yellow and black spider who has spun her web just behind a large cluster of flowers.

We're leaving in the morning and will deliver the peas in Mattoon, IL on Tuesday morning. Hope you all have a very relaxing Sunday afternoon, and a great Monday to start your week.


Ed said...

Great shots, you should have saved the spider for macro monday..:-)
p.s. you guys will love the next challenge..;-)

WildBlack said...

Great shots! I love the first and third shots :D
Well done!

dibear said...

Too many to pick a favorite. Nice job. I'd like your bread recipe. :)

Andrea Baker said...

Great use of the rule of thirds. I love that photo of the one bird in the bird bath. I think that would make a great photo for the wall.
I love all of your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Regular Guy said...

Very nice pictures. Armywife and I need to travel to that area, looks beautiful.

theegggather said...

OK, another wonderful post. The birds are soooo cute and that patriotic guy is a keeper. The moon pic is so beautiful. I love that part of the country. The bread makes my mouth water and the zinnias are one of my favorites. Great job. Have a safe trip.

moresecretwhispers said...

they are all nice, but the birdie photos are sweet :)

small farm girl said...

Your pictures are beautiful! You could take pictures professionally.

Ann said...

Birds are funny, they like to perch on top of thin poles, just like yours on the flag pole.

Sharon Tachenko said...

Everyone appreciates your photography, Sarah! You capture something unique each time, and your reflections always whet the appetite for a westward adventure! You delight us earthbound souls for what CAN yet be . . .

Thank you for sharing peaks at your life - and, especially, for taking the time to reflect!

I LOVED the moon shot best!
Love you guys! Be safe!

Meagan said...

Your pictures just keep getting better and better... which is pretty impressive since they were freakin amazing already! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Zina pictures... and the river... oh and the birds! Okay, I loved them all, lol. I MISS MISS MISS YOU!!!! CHristmas, right? Can you stay the whole break????? As you plan I hope you get to stay through new years so you can see Lily!!