September 13, 2009

Sunday Stills: Mechanical Transportation

This weeks challenge was Mechanical Transportation. Ed said if it ran on fuel and you could fit two people in it, then it qualified. A couple of these....well they take fuel, and you can get two people in them, even if it is a squeeze.

This old relic used to provide transportation, but now sits in a pasture in Idaho, watching modern day vehicles fly by.

Its small...but there is a plane in this picture.

Its a squeeze to get in two people, but I've done it. Also, he's driving down the road, kind of, so technically I'd consider it a vehicle of transportation, at least for the moment.

N0, I did not hang our the door to take this. I just took a picture of the image in the passenger side mirror. The new truck has so much power, we get to pass everyone on the hills. This is going up the 7% grade called "Norris Hill" between Ennis and Norris, MT. We passed them all, even fully loaded at 80,000lbs.
Also a squeeze to get two people in, and I considered it transportation because they used to have to walk to harvest grain, swinging their scythes. But now look....riding in comfort around the fields.

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WildBlack said...

Nice shots! I like the green tractor, reminds me of the funny animation character from the animation movie 'Cars' :D

flowerweaver said...

Very nice selection! That field dwarfs the tractor, and I know how big those are!

Ed said...

Very cool..:-)

chloe; moresecretwhispers.wordpress.com said...

great car mirror photo! :D

Jen Mo said...

I love the tractor the best! Great job!

gtyyup said...

Nice photos...really like the old pick up truck watching the world go by. Well done!