September 20, 2009

Sunday Stills: Purple

This weeks Sunday Stills challenge was "Purple."

It has been a crazy week. I haven't done much other than drive and sleep. We've had two cross country trips, from Texas to California, and now we're headed to Tennessee from California, when we're used to short 600-700 mile runs.. By tomorrow morning we will have covered right around 4000 miles in just under 4 days. Needless to say....drive and sleep.

We did stop early this week to take a picture of the truck, because it had a bath, and at the road side pull off we were at in Kansas, there were, lucky me, a patch of purple flowers. So I stole the camera from Malcolm's truck photography project, and snapped a few real quick.

I didn't notice the little bug, till after I took the shot, but decided he was kind of cute in there. So he got to be featured in Sunday Stills.

For more Sunday Stills, follow this link.


Ed said...

Very cool! ..:-)

Pacey said...

They're lovely posts...purples are just eye-catching. Happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Hope your trip to Tennessee is a plesant one. :)

Holly said...

nice job!

Nicisme said...

Wow, you have been busy - 700 miles and I'd have driven into the sea!
Great photos, love that little bug!

Anonymous said...

stunning photos, love the bokeh!