September 21, 2009

As Luck Would Have It....

Well here we are in good ole Tennessee! Having grown up in this state, its always good to be here. It's also a happy feeling, and also a little frustrating, to know that just a few scant miles from here my sister is curled up on her couch watching Monday Night Football with her man, and that my parents, who might not yet know I'm in Tennessee, are sitting at home doing the same, probably, just a couple hours away. Yeah, the frustrating part was knowing they are so close, and yet so far away!

We're sitting here unloading in Lebanon. It was going to be too late to see my sister, so I told her to stay home and rest. Had I known my Mom's school would be canceled today due to rain, yes you read that right, I would have alerted she and Dad sooner that we were going to be here and they might could have driven up. On the other hand, its 9:30pm and we still arn't unloaded, so its a good thing they didn't come up!

And on to the real point of this post.

In the situation where you are miles and miles from home, in a humongous vehicle that doesn't fit easily in shopping center parking lots, and have just run out of dog food...where is the best place to be?

delivering to a pet food plant

Yes that's right! "Mom" forgot to bring the extra dog food with us. And ironically, as the bag became more and more bare, the Crested kids developed a rather ravenous appetite. Do they have a 6th sense that tells them the food is almost gone so they should shovel it in as fast as possible?
I've been watching for a PetCo all the way from California! Haven't seen one that I can get in yet, that was open! I know that I can get what I feed the girls at PetCo. At home I get it at a small, privately owned pet store, but PetCo does carry it.

Anyway, as luck would have it, we're sitting here unloading meat and bone meal at the Nutro Pet Products plant in Lebanon, TN and we are literally surrounded by pallets of stacked Nutro dog food. Its not my favorite food. I used to feed it, before I found better things, but I'll take it over anything I can get at Walmart, which was looking like what I was going to end up with! And I confirmed that choice with my puppy expert, Rachelle.

But Nutro saved us! We are now the proud owners of two 10 pound bags of small bite dog food. The girls are intensely interested in the new bags, and not understanding why I'm not dishing it up! I just figured, if a new food upsets tummies, like its prone to do, why not let that disaster happen tomorrow instead of tonight..the first night of a full night's sleep while PARKED since last Wednesday!

So anyway...Hurray for Nutro! Thank you for saving the day! Weren't we lucky! You can't convince me that God doesn't watch what's going on and take care of his creation...even if it is to provide dog food for three naked pups who have a absent minded "Mom."


Ed said...

Nice story, stay dry. I'm back to work today and off to Virginia. I'm thinking of moving to Volunteer Express, Its a hard choice to make since I've been with this company for the last 14 years..:-)

small farm girl said...

I'm glad you got those little "babies" something to eat. They are so precious. lol

Meadowsweet said...

Stay safe out there on the road! My brother was a trucker for many years...I have great respect for what you do in all kinds of weather and with all sorts of "not so good" drivers around you. Wow..how lucky to get that dog food...nice blog too.