July 30, 2009

Just Truckin'

I've not been blogging simply because there hasn't been much to tell. We've just been truckin'. We delivered in Great Falls, and then took a load from there to Billings. Loaded sulfur in Billings and took it to northern Iowa. Its used as fertilizer. And then we took a short load from southern Minnesota to just south of Minneapolis, and then drove 270 miles to Mentor, MN where we load sunflower seeds. That brings you up to date. We loaded a little while ago, and these sunflower seeds are California bound. We'll deliver Monday morning to Ceres, CA, somewhere between San Fran. and Sacramento.
Obviously its not going to take us four days to get to Ceres. So we'll stop at the house tonight and stay till Sunday morning. It will be nice to be home again. Malcolm still has some things to do on his truck before the new truck gets here, which should be in a couple weeks!
Also, Malcolm's youngest sister, Justine, just got back home from summer classes in Spain! She and Rachelle are coming to Billings tomorrow to ship some poodle puppies so we'll get to spend some time with them. I don't think we've seen Justine since....Christmas? She goes to boarding school in Denver, so she's not always home when we go to visit. She'll be a Senior this year! That's awesome. I can't wait to see her, and Rachelle too, and also to hear all about Spain. She was there for 6 weeks and had tons of adventures I'm sure!
Here's a few snap shots for you. It rained on our way to Great Falls last Sunday. It was really pretty. Unfortunately it didn't go down to Billings and our house, but I'm thankful for what the got up north. Actually they got about 4 inches and a lot of places sopping up extra water out of their buildings, so they got a little too much.

Paris and Carlie Jean learned how to get themselves under the covers a long time ago. They go back in the sleeper and burrow in and sleep. Ella, still the baby, hasn't figured it out yet, so she just sleeps on top of the covers and shivers, unless I go help her get under them.

I went back in the sleeper yesterday to get something and sat down next to Ella. She was so groggy from sleep. Of course Carlie Jean had to poke her head out and see if there was anything going on worth leaving her cozy nest. There wasn't apparently, because she never showed more than her head. That's kind of unusual for her. She is usually the first to come bounding out from beneath the covers. She must have been really enjoying her nap and the warmth.


small farm girl said...

AAAAAWWWWWW how cute!!!! They make me want to get one. But, my husband would kill me. lol

Sharon Tachenko said...

awe, indeed!
Enjoy your girls' day! Hugs to all!

Can't imagine "baby" Justine a senior ! I'm sure I wouldn't recognize her. Take pix for me!

Love you!