July 21, 2009

Hodgepodge and Heat

Its hot! Since leaving the house Saturday evening, we've been to Mattoon, IL to St. Louis, MO to Ogden, UT and now are loading in Pocatello, ID. We've covered a few miles, and half the country.

It seems our truck finally realized we were serious about getting rid of it and moving into a newer model, and so, with only a handful of weeks to go, its retaliating. Its decided to make life miserable for the duration of its life with us. Just before we got home, the AC in the sleeper started acting up. We had to beat on it to make it work. And yesterday evening it finally went out completely. We're beating a dead horse so to speak. It won't come on. And so we've got both our portable fans running, both windows opened in the back, and sleeping with out blankets. Its miserable. You try sleeping in a black fiberglass box in 95 degree heat. It doesn't work. We were going to limp along till we get the new truck, but now we're running by the house on Thursday and Malcolm's going to see if he can get the thing to run for us a few more weeks. Let's hope and pray. Neither of us slept worth a flip last night, and because its hot back there, its making the cab hot too, even with the AC cranked all the way up. Paris is enjoying it though! She loves the heat! She's back there right now sprawled out on the bed, soaking it all in.
OK, this is just a hodgepodge of things. First:
I meant to post this past spring when Meagan, my sister, sent me the picture. This is the quilt I made for her a couple years ago. It was my second quilt attempt.

She's got it hanging on the wall in her office/craft/everything room and it worked really well with her pretty yellow walls.

Second: Last week on our way to Clarkston, WA, before we drove along the Clearwater River, we spent the night at a rest area on the ID/MT line. I took pictures of these flowers, which were growing all over the mountains down there. Then I ended up getting all those pictures of the river, which overshadowed my flower pictures. So they are getting a late post. I don't know what they are, but they were really pretty. Little points of light nestled into the dark mountain forests.

And Last:

My girls. This was also taken last week, down in Idaho. Sisterly love...who can beat it? Ella hero worships Carlie Jean. She is her shadow. They love to play. I'd like to say that Jeanie loves Ella just as much, and I really think she does...most of the time. But then she gets looks on her face like this, at moments like this, and all I can think is...what goes around comes around. When Carlie was the baby, she tormented Paris with her "worship" style, which was beating up on fragile petite Paris. It was love, Carlie style, but Paris wasn't impressed. So Carlie loves Ella, but she gets tired of her, and I tell her she's just getting a taste of what she used to dish out.


small farm girl said...

Oh, how cute. I really like those dogs. I fought it, and fought it, but, I do, I do like those dogs. Oh yea, I like the flowers too. lol

Jennifer said...

I love that pic of the girls. So cute!
I also love that quilt!

Valerie said...

But don't you know how they both feel? Haven't you ever felt like that? They are adorable! Don't have a clue about the flowers but we'll keep searching. Eventually we'll find out what they are.

NPT said...

Great pics....