July 24, 2009

The Heat Is On...

...but the AC is working!
Arriving at home Wednesday evening around 6:00, Malcolm went straight to work on the truck's AC in the sleeper. He always amazes me with what he can do, and if he doesn't know how to do something, it doesn't take him long to figure it out. He had the sleeper AC running by 8:30, and it wasn't just running, but blowing harder than before! That is a very good thing! At home on Thursday it was hot, in the mid-90's. We left around 2:00 and driving down through Wyoming it was 98 degrees. Even with the AC working so well, it was still stuffy in the back.
Thought you'd enjoy this. This grain elevator is located north of Idaho Falls. I've driven past it many times, but usually Malcolm is asleep, so there isn't any photography work going on. This time he was driving, so I finally get to share the view with you. In the winter, these fields were snow covered, and the mountains in the background were snow covered, and the picture has snow covered mountains in the background behind the horses....it was very picturesque. But its also neat in the summer. Ok, there are mountains behind it, but it was apparently hazy so they didn't show up.
Not into beer? How about a coke?

Not quite as picturesque as the Budweiser elevator, but still amusing. These are at the service station at the exit for the Bud place.

We delivered and loaded in Great Falls, MT. After numerous trips to Great Falls, I've begun to wonder, "what falls?" I see the Missouri River, but the surrounding area is fairly flat. I haven't taken the time to look it up online. Kept putting that off. But this time, as we drove across the northern bypass along the river, we pulled off at a "scenic view" and voila....falls.

Not the dam, but the little falls in front of it. Maybe they aren't exactly "great," but they were pretty. I'm not sure these are the falls that Great Falls was named for. I still need to look it up.

And this is looking down river as the Missouri River flows east.

We delivered this morning in Fort Collins and are now in Wiggins, CO loading organic corn, which happens to go back to Great Falls. We can't deliver till Monday morning, so we'll be stopping at the house for a couple of days, probably leaving Sunday evening. Great Falls is only about 3 hours from home. That will give us time to get some things done. We need to pick up the new flooring from the lumber store, and Malcolm's been wanting to clean up his shop, so maybe we'll work on that. Hopefully it will be a little cooler, so we won't die of heat stroke!


Meagan said...

Glad Malcolm got the AC going... that would be miserable considering much of the time that is you "home"! :-)

Guess what? Mom's Fall break is the same as mine. I am not sure yet, but it is possible that I might come with them! :-)

Valerie said...

So glad you got that AC fixed. The pictures were beautiful as usual, and the grain elevators were certainly unique.

small farm girl said...

I loved the picture of the falls. Wouldn't they be fun to play in? I'm glad you guys got your ac going. You don't realize how much you need something until you lose it. Drive safe.

The Allens said...

Yeah for the AC!!!!