October 16, 2008

Paris and Carlie..getting in on the Favorite Things

I've been working on thinking of things to put into my "Favorite Things" blog entries. Its time for another one. But I've not got it all together yet. However, while I've been thinking on it and discussing it with the girls, they decided that they wanted to do a "Favorite Things" blog entry. They said the knew the people might not be as interested, but they know that Tuffy, Bonnie,

Molly, and a few others, occasionally look over the shoulder of their ladies and men while the blog is being read, and they might like to try some of the girls favorite things. So, I told them I would do the writing for them if they told me what they wanted to say. (its not easy for them to type with their paws)

Paris and Carlie have lots of things they love, but most of all is their mommy and daddy. Paris is a die hard "mommy's girl." She loves her daddy too, but prefers me over anyone else. If she could, she'd just crawl into my purse and go everywhere with me. I hate leaving her because she gets so traumatized. Last Thanksgiving when I visited Tennessee and left Malcolm and the girls at home, Paris was sick all week from stress. And one time we left the girls with Rachelle while we were in Billings over night, and they were both sick all night long. They are attached to us...this breed seems to do that.

Carlie Jean is 100% tomboy. She looks so dumb in a dress that I don't even have one for her. And being the rough and tumble girl that she is, she is totally head over heels in love with Maclcolm. She likes to sit and cuddle with me, but no one even holds a candle to her daddy. I think its interesting that we gave her a tomboyish name, not even having had her a couple of days so there was no way to know she was like that. She just looked like that name. Thank goodness I didn't stick with my original intent to name her Delilah or Lilly, cause she ain't either one of those for sure.

Being such good girls, they get lots and lots of cookies. They LOVE cookies. Now here is a little interesting fact on CC's. (remember that stands for Chinese Crested.) As part of the gene mutation that causes the hairlessness in some members of the breed, there are also complications with their teeth. The hairless dogs often loose a few, or many of their puppy teeth, and usually adult teeth don't come back in. I'll have to get a picture of Paris for you. She is missing most of her top front teeth, and one canine, and a few back teeth. Carlie is missing a canine, but she got one adult canine in and it looks huge compared to the two puppy ones she still has. She has more teeth than Paris, but for some reason has a harder time chewing things. Not sure why. Anyway, that said, they have a hard time breaking things up that are hard. They do ok with their food, though I've often noticed that Paris swallows a lot of it whole, I think. So we're particular about cookies, since they are so important to us (they take after mommy in that area) and these are our favorites.

These are Charlie Bears. You can find them at PetSmart. My girls like the cheese ones. They are like little cheese wafers that are soft and crunchy, like crackers. The love them. These also come in "turkey and cranberry" and "liver." We got liver ones one time when the store didnt' have cheese, but Carlie couldn't break them up, so Paris was swallowing her's whole and then stealing Carlie's. We gave the liver ones to the Darling Poodles, and their mommy said that the poodles LOVED them. These treats are supposedly all natural too. They smell just like a cheeze it cracker, probably taste the same too, but I wouldn't know for sure.

We have lots of toys at our house and in our truck. Toys stay popular for a few days until the newness wears off, and then they are just let laying around. Hmmm....sounds like human children doesn't it? Well there is one toy that is tryed and true, and the girls highly recommend it, "Ducky." Even the Darling Poodles have had a ducky. We got our first Ducky when Paris was little. It was this cute little yellow duck with a little tuft of yellow fuzz on top of his head. Paris, who was a "plucker" as a little girl (I once caught her plucking the hair from her own tail and had to remind her she had none to spare) promptly plucked all the fuzz off his head. Ducky is about 2-3 inches tall and light weight. Paris loves to throw Ducky across the room and go get him, shake him, and throw him again. How many dogs do you know of that play "fetch" with themselves? Anyway, our first Ducky got thrown and tossed into the followign places where mommy found him. The kitchen sink, the trash can, almost the fire place, on lots of furniture, into a window sill where he was sitting up looking out the window, and finally Ducky dissapeared while I was packing to move to Montana. That wouldn't do so mommy ran to PetSmart and bought three more Duckys. Then when uppacking we found the original Ducky in a box. Paris was just making sure he came with us. So now we have 4 Duckys, one in the truck and three at home. Carlie Jean loves Ducky just as much as Paris, but maybe Paris loves him more. We went ahead and got Ducky's friends, bear and frog, but Ducky is still the most popular.

Frog used to have a tuft of green fuzz on his head too, but it got plucked. These are "Doctor Noyz Toys." They come in a larger size too. The thing I think is neat about them is that their back is velcro so when the squeaker wears out, and it does because my girls sit there and squeak it over and over again, you can just take it out and replace it. And they come with a replacement squeaker. Also, you could just take out the squeaker if you have a dog like the girl's Uncle Tuffy, who doesn't like squeaky things at all.

So there you have it. My girls favorite people, cookies, and toys. Just a few of their favorite things.

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