October 11, 2008

...and its still coming down!

Ok, this was just a neat picture I took this morning of some horses watching us load our trailers.
There was just a dusting where we loaded this morning, or actually in town where we met the other trucks. There was nothing where we loaded, but you can see it on the distant hills below.
But as we headed south it was more and more apparent until we were driving in it most of the day. This is south of Glasgow, MT.
IIt got heavier and heavier. This is north of Roundup, which is about 50 miles north of Billings.

And this is Columbus, 40 miles west of Billings, where we are now unloading, and its still coming down heavily.

There's about 3-5 inches on the ground now, and someone said they heard we're supposed to get about 4 more tonight and then more tomorrow. Fun, fun fun...!

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Meagan said...

WOW!!! Okay I love me some snow, but I want to enjoy fall first!!! The leaves haven't even peaked here! lol!!!!