October 4, 2008

A Day of Rest

Its Saturday and we are actually getting most of the day off. Thursday morning we loaded our first load of California bound cows and hit the road. Last year this is what we did the entire month of October, which proved to be kind of mind numbing after a while, but it was quite profitable, so we're glad to see it start up again.

Someone down here buys breeding cows from Montana. We always loaded them either in Fairview at a guys feedyard, or in Miles City or Billings at the salebarn. And they get delivered to a salebarn down here just north of Bakersfield, CA, where the owner eventually picks them up.

The reason its so profitable is because we are almost loaded both ways. Where as on a regular load of cows, we deliver them in NE, CO, or KS, and then we would drive back to Montana empty, with these loads, we deliver them in CA, then Steve usually finds a load of cows here in CA or sometimes OR that are going to NE, CO, or KS, and the take them there. THEN we empty back to MT. So bassically we are loaded 2/3 of the time instead of just 1/2.

The downside is, like I said earlier, we get kind of bored with it, and also its a one truck deal, so we don't get to run with the other guys and visit and that sort of thing.

We were SO exhausted for some reason at the start of this load, so when we got here last night and dropped the cows off we were very happy Steve didn't have anything else for us to do yet. We drove 6 miles south to the truckstop and went to bed. Blissful, non-moving, deep sleep. It was great. Then we got up this morning, showered, ate breakfast, called Steve who said not yet, and went back to bed.

Around 2:00pm Malcolm called Steve again and he had a few loads he's waiting to see about. This usually means the sale isn't over yet, or he's waiting to see if something better comes up. So we're still just relaxing. And Malcolm was so desperate for a truck wash that he actually drove 20 miles further south to get it done!!!! Shocker!!! Cause we NEVER drive out of route for ANYTHING!. Then again the truck hasn't been washed since the beginning of August because there hasn't been time or a place to have it done, and its SO bad that even the other cow haulers are starting to make comments about it and tease us.

Well you can imagine how bad it looks with over 30,000 miles of grime, road dirt, cow poo, you get the picture? Cause I'm not going to post one!

So its been a day of rest, and much needed and appreciated. We might even get some TV watching done if it keeps going.

Now some not so good news. I thought I'd share this because I have many teachers in my life or school related people that I know, so it is a story of interest. I heard about this when we were in Billings for the house closing and I was so upset about it, still am really. There are basically two school communities near us. Obviously Shepherd schools are closest as thats where our house is. The other schools are the Huntley schools. Huntly is the closest community to Shepherd. The two schools are big rivals athletically speaking, but also like "sister schools" as they are so close and two of the smaller school systems within the Yellowstone County schools.

Saddly, a few disgruntled high schoolers broke into Huntley Project High School a couple of weeks ago to steal some candy and stuff. They decided to "have some fun" and it got out of hand. The result it that Huntley High School burned to the ground. Literally all they were able to save was a few instruments from the music room. Everything was a total loss from what I understand.

The students are having classes in portable buildings using materials donated from the community and other schools in the area. This is just so incredibly heart breaking for the entire community. I don't even know anyone there, or even exactly where the school is, but I am so upset about it. I've heard of schools being damaged by fires and that sort of vandalism stuff, but never of one burning to the ground. So if you will, please keep the students, staff, and members of the community in your prayers as they all work to recover from this tragedy.
If your intersted, more pictures and details are available at the following address.
Apparently the communities throughout Yellowstone County are really working together to donate and raise money to supply the school as they continue on with their school year. I just can't imagine going through something like this.

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Meagan said...

WOW! How sad about that school... that is truly shocking!!!!

So are you thinking about teaching again???