June 12, 2011

Sunday Stills: Yellow

This past weeks Sunday Stills focus was to find and photograph the color yellow.

I caught Paris in a tender moment and decided to take the opportunity to practice. It is so hard to get good photographs of my girls, even when they are sleeping. They wiggle too much and nearly always blur part of the picture. And even when they are sleeping, the bouncing of the truck rolling down the road presents its own challenges.
As a puppy, Paris had many toys, but Ducky was always her favorite, and still is.

This week we had a half day layover at the house while en route to Minnesota. Since it was raining and I didn't have time to start a project at home, my neighbor and I teamed up and went out for an abbreviated "girl's shopping day." We had so much fun visiting, and saw so many pretty and unique items.
this pig bowl made us chuckle, along with the matching platter. Who thinks up these things?

a close up of the pattern on some pretty dishes

And this one was my favorite. These were wine glasses made with yellow tinted glass. I really liked the way this picture came out.

Thanks, Julie, for not being too embarrassed to walk around with the crazy camera lady. I'm sure I got some strange looks from other shoppers. You were a real trooper and I enjoyed our excursion very much!

To see more lovely and creative pictures of "yellow," visit this link. You can click on the name of any commenter and be taken to their blogs to see their take on the subject. The color weeks are always interesting because there always ends up being a real kaleidoscope of subjects that get photographed.


Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

The wine glass picture looks like something out of a cooking magazine. Nice shot!

Shirley said...

Awesome shot of the wine glasses, and worth any funny looks you may have got. Love Paris snuggled up with her toy.
Just thought I'd let you know your link on the Sunday Stills post sends people to your Facebook instead of here.

Michaele said...

I love how the yellow stands out in the doggie photos.

Dreaming said...

I'm impressed that Paris still has her puppy toy. Tucker is a destuffer and shredder. All we end up with is pieces of fuzzy material! He still likes them, though, and carries them around!
I love seeing pretty china. I have too much china because of that! The pig is really, really, cute. Hmmmm, where did you say you saw that?!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

LOVE the glasses!

Anonymous said...

oh so sweet ;)

Meagan said...

The dishes and the wine glasses are my favorite! :-) Paris is a cutie pie! The picture of paris would be cute in all blacka and which except for the yellow duckie, :-) LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!

MaryBeth said...

Your photographic skills leave me breathless!! Please keep them coming!!!!

Janice said...

Tooooo Cuuuuuute.Great Shots.