June 4, 2011

A Blog Resource Worth Sharing

Recently I was prowling around in the blog world, trying to kill some time while waiting to load, and I stumbled across

Have you ever been to this blogger resource? Its great! Not only do they have tips for blogging success, but all sorts of other resources, not to mention give aways. In fact right now they are in the middle of 30 Days of Giveaways and there is some really neat stuff getting passed out!

If you are looking for blogs on a particular subject, they have a blog listing that's categorized by topic, and you can have YOUR blog listed on it for free! (or get extra special treatment for a little extra charge) If your doing a give away on your blog, they will feature it on their giveaway page. The excitement just goes on and on. I bookmarked them, liked them on Facebook, and intend to do more exploring as time allows. In the mean time, I just thought I'd share the wealth! Its a resource worth sharing!


Mary Ann said...

Hi, found your blog as a link from another, and am glad I did! Have a comment about the Blog Resource you mention though... I found them a few months ago. They were "analyzing" blogs (usually 10.00) on sale for 6.00 that weekend... I paid... the money was taken by PayPal... no analysis, no contact, no nothing, so soured me on them.

Will sit and look at your blog for a while, looks just to be what I love to read!

Sarah said...

that is horrible! I hope it was just an unfortunate oversight on their part and that they are not making a habbit of that sort of thing. Thanks for the heads up and the comment. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the blog! Glad to have you visit!

small farm girl said...

Thanks for the info!