June 8, 2011

Monday to Wednesday to HOME!

We delivered our load of organic (reeking stinky) fertilizer Monday morning on a farm near the Columbia River. On the way we passed the John Day dam, where the gates were open and the water was flowing. 
And from there it was time to start working our way home. Time for another break, a long one this time. We grabbed the last load of sunflower seed from the shipper in Alicel, OR. There won't be anymore sunflower seed going to Minnesota till August.  :(

The road home took us across US12 again through the mountains of Idaho and along the Clearwater River. I do love that drive. Have I mentioned that before? (uh, yeah Sarah, like 100 times!)

However, I have to say, its ever so slightly creepy after dark, surrounded by trees, in the mist. It was patchy mist, and actually rather scenic as dusk fell, but also had the effect of hiding the curves and the edge of the road, so that there were a handful of times when I suddenly had the fear that I was going to be in the Clearwater River instead of along side it.

 Lolo Pass never looked so good, and after that I dropped down into Missoula and Malcolm took over.

We pulled into Billings at 6:00am, and knowing there wasn't time to get to Minnesota before the receiver closed for the day, we stopped at the house for the morning and afternoon. We found we were suddenly in desperate need of new steer tires, and just in time for the annual CVSA Road Check! So we went into town and had that problem fixed before DOT had a chance to put us out of service.

After that, it was home to shower, and relax a little. Malcolm went to run some errands, and after a short visit with my neighbor at her kitchen table, she and I decided to go to the book store and a couple other fun stores together. It was so fun to go shopping together, and we talked so much I ended up with a little bit of a sore throat. This girl needs to get more chat time to keep her voice chords in shape!

One of our stops was Pier One, always a dangerous place to go, dangerous for your purse strings anyway. I was doing good till I spotted a really pretty bookmark with a bird charm on it. That was my only indulgence...at that store....but I spotted these nifty finds and thought of my sister with her adoration of tulips and obsession with watermelon (which I hear has become overwhelming with her recent pregnancy)!

 On the way back home, Julie (the neighbor) and I parked in the road to admire another neighbors new foal. The gentleman who owns this property is an amazingly nice guy who trains horses and does horse clinics. I love when he rides his trainees by the house and stops to visit. He specializes in Tennessee Walkers, which makes my heart smile. A little connection to my home state, right on my own street in Montana!
 The mare had one incredible tale and mane, not that you can tell in the pictures. And I don't know exactly what color you call that colt, but he's adorable and going to be one handsome fellow!
That evening we headed out again to finish our trek to Minnesota. We delivered this morning, and are now reloaded with sunflower "screenings" which are going to a feedlot near Beach, ND. And after that....

As usual, its going to be an action packed, not very restful, trip home. I can't promise really frequent posts because of all that has to be done, but I do intend to keep you up to date as best I can, and to try to keep up with all of you!

An acquaintance of mine told me yesterday that whenever he tries to visit my blog, blogger asks him to take a survey and he can't get to my blog. Is anyone else experiencing this, or heard of this? I'm baffled, but definitely want to put a stop to it if possible because I don't want anyone to stop coming to my blog out of irritation.


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

I have no problem getting to your blog and by the way I sure enjoy your traveling working updates!

Shirley said...

No surveys at this end. Perhaps your acquaintance could activate a pop-up blocker on his computer.
The foal will most likely be black like his mama; blacks generally don't look black when they are born, usually they look just like that little fellow and at about 3 months old start shedding their baby fuzz to their true color.

creaky old fart said...

No problems here. Love your blog. Once upon a time... I still sometimes wonder if I shouldn't gave gone into the professions regardless off what "she" wanted...

Keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and can always get to it. I craved watermellon when I was prego. Only back then, in the early 70's, in the middle of winter, watermellon was imposible to get in Wisconsin. Thanks to those in your profession, fresh fruits are never out of season. They are trucked in from somewhere, if one is willing to pay the price.

Valerie said...

No surveys. Ahhhhh . . . Home. Is there anywhere better? Enjoy.

Meagan said...

Love the dishes and the shout out to your prego sister! lol :-) Try to enjoy your break at home even though it's busy! LOVE YOU!