March 1, 2011

Next Blog Please

Recently, I've been entertaining myself by blog hopping. Its been interesting and entertaining and I've learned some things, found some new fun blogs, and much to my amusement, stumbled across one of my favorite blogs. I was on a strangers blog, hit "next blog" and was taken to Shirly's Ride a Good Horse! I laughed out loud.

Do you know the button I'm talking about? The "Next Blog" button at the top of this page? Have you ever used it?

Here's the thing. When I hit "next blog" from my blog, I always get taken to blogs about biking, or cars, or exercising. I find this very odd. It must be linked to my interests in my profile and be interpreting my "trucking" as interests in these other fields, even though "trucking" is listed quite far down on my list or interests.

And because I really don't care anything about the automotive world, or bicycles either, and we all know exercise is not a priority (though it should be), I've been starting my blog hopping journey's from other blogs I know I enjoy.

Here's my question for you, just cause I'm curious now. When you use the "next blog" feature to navigate away from your home blog, where does it take you? What kind of blogs are you introduced to from there. If you haven't tried it before, give it a whirl now, and then come back and share. I'm really curious.

We're on the road today, loading in Fort Benton, MT. We'll be heading to Harrisburg, OR as soon as we're done here, then CA then ID...the broker seems to have our whole week planned already! Good! We can start making up for taking such a long vacation!

Now...go blog hopping!


Jennifer said...

I always get family blogs - usually with lots of pictures of cute kids and posts about dance recitals and soccer games - things like that. Sometimes I get a bunch of adoption blogs which I really enjoy. And sometimes I get really random stuff that doesn't interest me at all.

i'm curious what others get too.

small farm girl said...

I have "next blog" all day long! I get so many things. I even got some that I didn't know what language they were. This is soooooo fun!!!!!

Debbie said...

I always get pages in another language. I went through 5 pages and couldn't read a thing they said. I had to go bck to my page to make sure I hadn't had a stroke!

Dreaming said...

I have never used the 'Next Blog' button. So, I played with it for a bit.
Twice I got the same blog that had an entry about a project.
I was taken to 3 blogs about horses.
I visited a blog about mountain climbing.
Another blog was about horse rescue.
And the final blog was a young mom blogging about life.
The search tool must look at labels and try to find something similar. I think!
That was fun. When I have time to kill, I'll try it some more. Yeah...extra time?! That'll be the day!!

Shirley said...

How cool is that - my blog on next blog for you. I've never used the next blog button, so I tried it and found a neat blog called Eventing A- Gogo, written by Andrea in Texas who is working on Eventing her horse Gogo barefoot. Interesting!

Cheryle said...

I had to come back and tell you what I got... but I can't... it's all in French !!!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I have never used that button, and never realized what it was. I hit the next button about 6 times and got a blog about horses each time.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Now ya got me pushin buttons I've never seen before. Interesting.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Three stamping blogs and then a German sewing blog (I think) and from there on, all foreign languages (!?!) so I gave up. Fun test though :-).

Valerie said...

Got one obviously by a guy called "Portland Nights" - no words, just pics, lots of sports. Interesting. Going to try more.