March 31, 2011

I Got a Bird Dog

Since Tuesday afternoon, we've been at my parent's place in Tennessee, and enjoying every minute of it! The first true feelings of coming "home" start when we round Moccasin Bend, a curve of the Tennessee River, and see the city of Chattanooga peaking at us above the trees.
There are so many things to do when we're here for a visit. And so many people we want to visit and see. Not only is my entire family here (except for a small handful), but Malcolm's aunt and uncle live here as well. We never manage to get to visit with as many as we'd like, but we try.

But even with all that I like to do while here, one of my favorite things is just relaxing at my parent's house. Its just one of those homes where you walk in and know you can be yourself and be comfortable. Its one of those homes that is magazine pretty, and at the same time your not afraid to put your feet up on the ottoman or sit on the couch. Do you know what I mean?

So me and the girls have been lounging around here, helping my mom get some things done for this weekend, and basically just enjoying our time in Tennessee.

One thing I enjoy during my time at Mom and Dad's home is bird watching. They have all sorts of songbirds that visit their feeders, and I love to take a peak out the window once in a while to see who is there.
Ella also enjoys watching the songbirds come to visit.
I like to take a walk down to my parent's chicken yard and visit with her hens and roosters. Ella has some energy to burn off so I let her come with me.
I was hardly out of the garage before Ella was on her way. Apparently she knew where we were going.

After a couple of fly-bys that left the flock a little baffled...
 ...she stopped to have a closer look. Unfortunately her speedy approaches, all 5 of them, had made the hens a little nervous. so they weren't interested in sticking around to visit.
Ella likes the chickens.

Since she had put an end to the chicken watching, I thought I'd wonder over to the garden. Ella headed to the front hard where another large collection of bird feeders reside. These were hidden by bushes but from my vantage point, I could clearly see that she was enjoying herself. Evidence was a rather large flock of songbirds scattering in all directions. After she'd cleared the feeders, she headed back my direction to see what was next on the agenda.
Yes, Ella is quite fond of the songbirds and the chickens, but by far her favorite is...

Ella is totally intrigued with having birds in the house. Every time she heads into the kitchen she rounds the corner as fast as she can, rushing up on their cage and then stands there and watches.
She is absolutely fascinated. I think she'd happily watch them all day if I'd let her. But she also gets a little too interested for my comfort. During this visit, she actually went so far as to start to paw the cage a bit, gently just to make them move, but I didn't think it was a good idea. I had to get a picture, but after that it became a "no no."
To her utter and complete delight, today was cage cleaning day. I'm not sure the lovebirds were as happy about it as she was. But when Mom cleans the bottom of the cage, the birds reside on the kitchen table for a while...
...enabling Ella to watch them from all different angles.

Mom's lovebirds have been spending an awful lot of time at the very top of their cage this week. Ella loves birds. But I'm not sure the feelings are mutual.

We have noticed tendencies in Ella to indicate she likes birds. She'll see one out the truck window and become very alert and still. She loves to chase the flocks of Jay's out of our yard at home. And now her actions at my parent's house have confirmed my suspicions.

Two and a half years ago I thought I purchased a third Chinese Crested. I think instead that I got a Bird Dog.


Michaele said...

I know just what you mean about your parents house. This would be a good post for Farm Friend Friday. I bet a lot of folks over there would be interested in your blog. If you want to check it out - here is the link http://www.verdefarm.com/

Shirley said...

She has the intensity of a border collie! One I know of would head straight to the bird cage when she was let in the house and would spend hours staring at them.

mylifeaintalwaysbeautifulblog said...

ha ha Love the pretty bird picture and the puppy who likes to bird watch. Sounds like you are having a great time back home ;)

You are featured in today's post on my blog.


small farm girl said...

Well, she has the same coloring as a bird dog. lol