March 13, 2011

Hodge Podge

Today I am tired. Very tired.  The past two weeks have been wonderfully profitable...and horrendously exhausting. Why do those two things usually come hand in hand?

Anyway, I'm going to do a quick post today of some random items I've been meaning to share and then I'm off to bed for an attempt to sleep. Funny how, exhausted as I am, sleep seems to still evade me or is conducted with numerous disturbances.

On to business:

Thursday we loaded some kind of animal feed northwest of Sacramento. While Malcolm was loading, I enjoyed watching a collection of roosters and hens that were strutting proudly around the place like they ran it. Maybe they do.

I love chickens and I enjoy watching them. It was a lovely day with warm weather and blue skies. When we left, we had the windows cracked and you would not believe how strong the perfume coming from the blooming groves was! Amazing~!
Friday was also an enjoyable day, though we were reaching the tired point. We delivered the feed near Moses Lake, WA on Friday morning, then drove to a town near Yakima, WA and loaded more apples. Friday was also a special day. Malcolm turned 32! We were in a rush, but for special days like birthdays, you have to make time to celebrate. So on our way east that evening, we stopped and had a quick dinner and treated ourselves to a piece of pie.
Happy Birthday Malcolm!

The other day I was blog browsing and I read about this incredibly cool idea. Sonya at The Mellow Pages, was telling about a "treasure box" that she and her friends swap around, each taking items out and putting items in as their turn comes around. I thought it was SUCH a good idea, fun, and if I had a group of friends that lived nearby, and if I were home to do something like this, I'd be all over it. But I'm not. But YOU are! So, thought I'd share. Its near the end of this post.

I've already mentioned that my Mom is blogging again. But I wanted to share her link again, just because I enjoy reading her blog so much and because she is enjoying blogging so much! Her blog is named A Garden of Thoughts. She writes about her gardening, her chickens, her cooking...a little bit of everything from home and garden. And what a garden it is! She's got so many surprises tucked into every nook and cranny of her garden, barn, and green house!
My sister also has a blog, and while she kept it private for a while, she recently opened it back up to public and I wanted to share a link to her blog as well. She stays busy teaching middle school, coaching cheer leading, taking care of her soon to be step-daughter (the weddings April 3rd and I'm so excited!), getting together with friends (her group actually does a frequent "game night" and I think its so cool!), and so much more. Her blog is named My Lens On Life.

Ever read a blog written by a dog? Well here's your chance! This is my parent's Yorkie named Tuffy.

 Dad likes to tease me by referring to Tuffy as my little brother.  Tuffy was blogging a few years ago until he ran into some health issues and wasn't feeling energetic enough to do so. But he's back on his feet with a new lease on life. And the other day he decided to restart his blog. His posts aren't as frequent as other blogs, because he has a pretty laid back life with not a lot out of the usual going on. But when he does have an adventure, or something to vent about (like his Lady and Man letting a DOG in his house!) he tells all about it. I get a chuckle every time Tuffy posts. Make sure to scroll down and read the posts from a few years ago, like the one on his Harley Davidson ride and the time he fell in the swimming pool. You can check out his musings on life at Tuffy's Big Blog.

Recently I discovered a new blog when I was blog hopping. Well I discovered several new neat blogs! But this one in particular I want to share because I found a rare find. Another lady truck driver who blogs! Bethany's blog is called One Girl Trucking, and she writes about, what else... life on the road. Her truck's named Rosie and she and her husband have his and hers trucks, matching! How cool is that?

I want to extend a much over due thank you to Brenda, author at Horses Are Our Lives, for thinking of me and awarding me the Stylish Blog Award! I was touched that you thought of my blog! Thank you, Brenda, and I'm apologize for taking so long to acknowledge it!
Last item of business before we adjourn. A few days ago, maybe it was at night, when Paris, Ella and I were starting our driving shift, Paris was tucking herself into the co-pilot chair and getting snuggled in when she suddenly yelped and started pawing at her left eye. A few minutes later she was fine, and I didn't think anything of it because lets face it, the princess is a wuss. But the next day, her eye was swollen almost shut and all weepy. That lasted for nearly two days, and then she was fine. She's been fine for two days, normal eye, normal activity (sleeping, snuggling, and grumbling at her "sisters") normal Paris. But today I happened to glance at her when the light hit her just so, and noticed something...and upon closer inspection...yep...Paris has a foggy bluish spot on the surface of her eye. Its about the size of a pencil eraser. It doesn't seem to bother her, but I'm keeping my eye on it.

That about wraps it up. We're on our way to somewhere a LONG way away from our normal stomping grounds. We'll be there in the morning. I'll tell you about it in the next post, after I catch up on sleep. It might be a few days!


Sonya said...

Well, I am just reading along in your blog seeing what you are up to and then I see my name mentioned! lol Thank you! I got the treasure box idea from another blogger too and I cannot recall where I saw it. But...It has started around the "block of friends" at work and I can't wait to see what is in it when it comes around to me again.

Thanks for mentioning me and for reading my blog. Hope you get some rest and I'm excited to go and check out these blogs you have mentioned.

Shirley said...

Belated Happy Birthday Malcolm! I was wondering about Paris' eye- did you have the window open a little and maybe something hit it? Can't see why she'd yelp otherwise. Hope it's all better soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Those chickens look so cute. I'll check out those other blogs and add them to my google reader. ;)

~ Missy,

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Valerie said...

Happy Birthday, Malcolm!!! So sorry I'm late with my greeting. Please forgive me.

Valerie said...

Thanks for sharing about my blog! Also, what kind of trees are those? The ones that smell so good. Notice the carpet of blossoms underneath. Beautiful!

Rising Rainbow said...

I loved the orchards in CA when they were in bloom. Just amazing. It was the best part of CA for me.

Hope that Paris' eye is ok. That sounds quite mysterious.

Meagan said...

Happy late birthday to Malcolm! Love you guys and thanks for the bog shout out! I have had two visitors thanks to you!

Vintage West said...

I'm enjoying reading your adventures on the road and I love those chickens :)