February 9, 2011

Visiting in Lebanon

Sunday morning we arrived in Nashville just in time to see the sun rise and enjoy the view of Music City bathed in shades of pink light.
That building on the right is locally known as the "batman building."

Our destination was about 30 miles east of Nashville, in Lebanon, TN. But without another load on the book yet, there was no great rush to get emptied out. So instead of rushing right over to our delivery, we stopped at a truck stop near by, and met some very special people.

Mom and Dad drove up from Chattanooga, stopping in Murfreesboro to pick up my sister, and met us in Lebanon to spend the day with us. We had Sunday lunch at Cracker Barrel. And then Dad and Malcolm dropped us girls off at the local outlet mall while they went and puttered around the hardware store and explored an antique store.

Just before time for them to hit the road home, we drove into downtown Lebanon, just to see what was there.

Turns out its another adorable little southern town with a square full of antique shops and some Civil War history.

Unfortunately, most of the antique shops were closed for the day, but we did take time to check out this cabin that sits on one corner of the square...
...and take a peak inside through the iron gate across its entrance.

There is a general adoration of cabins and all things old in the family. It must be in our blood.

Afterwards, Mom and Dad headed back to Chattanooga and Meagan needed to get back to Murfreesboro for a Super Bowl celebration.

Malcolm and I relaxed a few more minutes in the truck, and then went to deliver our load.

Monday morning found us still in the Nashville area with no load and no where to go. We camped out and watched the rain turn over to big fat snow flakes that left the ground and our hood all white. The temperature fell to below freezing, but the road was warm enough that it dried before becoming icy.

We didn't get a load till Tuesday morning, and that's what we're on our way with now. We had to drive a little over 400 miles to western Arkansas to get a load of feather meal, which we're taking to Utah.

From there the plan is to get another load in Ogden, UT and take that to a little town in Montana near the Little Bighorn. And from there we will just drive home, about an hour away from the delivery. Yep, its time for another break and we're looking forward to it with much anticipation. But that's still days away. So for now, these tires will keep on rollin'.


Meagan said...

So glad that you got to come visit! I LOVE when you deliver to Lebanon! :-) Wish you'd deliver in Murfreesboro or Nashville, lol! I completely enjoyed our afternoon together! Love you and miss you already!

Valerie said...

We loved our short time together. I was so thankful that ya'll came to Tennessee, though I hate that you had to drive 400 miles for the next load. Love, love, love ya'll.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Aw, how fun that you got to meet up with your family! I'm betting that made your heart feel pretty happy :-)
Glad you're going to get some home-time really soon.

Dreaming said...

I love the Nashville skyline - never knew the local name for that building before - thanks for educating me!
It sounds like you had a great few days. What fun to visit with family, eat together and shop!!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I'm sure you had lots of fun with your family. that was great that they could meet you. I'm sure you enjoyed the extra days to relax, but I'm sure you're going to relax more once you get home.

Good luck with your colt. let me know how he does!

To answer your question on my blog, we traveled home to PA with our truck. we got on the PA turnpike at the east side of Pittsburgh, since we were coming up from the south. To the Harrisburgh East exit 247, to get off to go to Middletown, it cost $16.

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

so nice that your family came up to meet with you!

Janice said...

Whew you guys make me tired. Nice you got to visit with the family and you're going to get some hometime. Hope you get some much deserved relax'n time.

Sarah said...

Congrats on eating at the "original" Cracker Barrel! Actually, that one is store #2. Did you know that the original one is a gas station down the street?

I love downtown Lebanon! I got in trouble with an antique store owner there once because I was snooping around in his attic. There was no sign telling me not to go up there. . . how was I supposed to know? I found a very interesting footstool; it was covered in swastikas and another Nazi symbol.

Glad you enjoyed seeing your family!